Zooming Indian Market- Be Optimistic Or Cautious

It is a very old saying that too much is not always good. The market has turned green now a days and continuously showing positive trends at a very fast pace. Sensex has gained 1000 points in the last month. We are moving into higher GDP growth and it looks like we can sustain that for some period but we should not forget that the liquidity factor can change suddenly. No doubt it has raised the hopes of investor but one should keep in mind that today’s gainer can be loser tomorrow.

Current scenario at BSE Senesx and NSE Nifty

Sensex rises 143 points in morning trade. It is a benchmark index for Indian equities that is continued to rise. It has touched the highest level in 32 months. Sensex crossed a level of 19000 and today it is around 19360points. It was earlier seen at this level before 1st Jan 2008. In the last one month the investors have become richer nearly by 4 lakh crore with BSE’s market capitalisation at Rs. 69.9 lakh crore.

Top gainers at BSE Sensex by (3-5%) are:

CESC, Dish TV India, Motilal Oswal, Dalmia Cement, Monsanto India

Top losers at BSE (1-4%) are:

S Kumar Nation, Berger Paints, Pantaloon Ret,Bajaj Holdings, MVL

Nifty has crossed the milestone of 5800 level. Around 843 shares advanced while 374 shares declined on NSE. The sectors that led the market are metal, technology, auto, telecom and private financial companies. The heavy weight reliance was trading at Rs. 997 which was .48 % higher than its previous price level 992.20. Technology major Infosys was trading at 2985that is 1.69% higher than its previous close of rs. 2935.5.

Top nifty gainers are:

Kotak Mahindra Bank (3.76%), Sterlite Industries (3.21%), Tata Motors (3.21%), Maruti Suzuki (2.92%), HDFC Bank (2.61%)

Top Nifty losers are:

ACC (-0.73%), BPCL (-0.57%), Jindal Steel (-0.20%)


These market surge compelled people to ask questions about the unpredictable future or where the market will proceed from now. Is it a sign of global crisis like 2008? But the experts of market say that it might be a sign of insanity. The retail investors should be very cautious. Be careful at every step and if possible book profit and relax instead of joining the bull race that can lead to heavy losses in one night. It is better to make profit than losing everything. Most players in the market are saying it is the liquidity (FII Buying) that is driving the current rally. The foreign institutional investor money is the key driver of the momentum. If the FII money keeps flowing in then nifty can cross 6000 level or may be higher.



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