Wristwatch to Curb Violence against Women

Can a wristwatch really help to dissuade abominable act of Sexual Violence against women???


Well, according to Kapil Sibal it apparently could. The IT Minister, Kapl Sibal has disclosed the government plan of developing a wristwatch that would track the location of woman in danger with the help of GPS. As soon as the button present on the wristwatch is pressed, it traces the location and sends the details via SMS to the nearby police station and to the mobile or phone numbers that is already selected. Another unique feature of this wrist watch is the in-build video camera that has the capability to capture at least 30 minutes of the video, once the button is pressed.

Sibal affirmed to the Wall Street Journal that the technology is being developed by Development of Advance computing Centre which is a government organization. The first model is expected to be launched by this midyear.

Though there is a lot of anticipation for this exclusive device, few women activists are not very convinced by the wristwatch concept. They quoted that it is a very insouciant approach to tackle such a major issue. This will certainly not eradicate the shameful crime. More efforts should be taken to control the offense.

Apart from this three new anti- violence applications have been recently introduced in the market. For Android devices, Google play store have made Me Against Rape application available. Circle of 6, a free application is available at iTunes App store and a similar application called Eyewatch is available for Symbian devices.



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