Women’s hairstyles and hair trends 2012

Women have always been looking for new and interesting ways to keep up with the current style and fashion. There numerous things that one can do with her cloths, make ups, and hair. In this article we are going to describe some of the hair trends for 2012.

Long and bouncy

Long and bouncy hair style can be described as a long groomed and blow dried hair. This hair style was inspired by the 70s fashion revival but it is still the trend for 2012’s look. This type of hair style suited for long straight hair or long wavy hair and it matches with all hair colors.

Homemade curls

This girlish and nostalgic hairstyle is the perfect trend for 2012.This hair style gives a soft and eye catching look and it can be done to long straight hair and long wavy hair. Homemade curls goes very well with blonde hair but it can be done to any other color too.

French twist

This classic hairstyle is the definition of 2012 trendy hairstyles. This hair can be done with long straight hair and long wavy hair. Any hair color will look soothing to this hairstyle.

Half up Brigitte Bardot hair

This hairstyle is not exactly limited to any particular year and it will always be the classic hair trend. Half up Brigitte hair will suit any day or night any time of the year 2012.

Side pinned waves

This hair style is not only best suited for long hair but it also works for short and mid hair length. Side pinned barrette has its own charms and it works best with long straight hair.

Retro faux bob

This hair style is classic and modern at the same time which was famous in the 1960s. This hair style gives you a prestigious look while being stylish and fashionable. This hair is suited for Mid-length haircut.

Wet-look chignon

This hair style is suited to straight hair, relaxed curly hair and wavy hair for mid-length haircut and long hair. Wet-look chignon will surly look great on any hair color. So do not be afraid to get your hair wet in 2012.

Piled up and pinned hairstyle

This hairstyle gives a look of a stylish and carelessly fashionable person. This elegant requires tools line bobby pins and little fitness to pull it off. This hairstyle is best suited to straight hair, relaxed curly hair and wavy hair for mid-length or long hair. This hairstyle is suitable for all hair colors.

Mod bob

This messy, voluminous and short hair style is the perfect short hair style for 2012. Created in the 1960s, it was inspired by Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy.

Afro hair

This hairstyle was quite popular in the 1970s and it is going to be the trend for the year 2012.





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