Winning a Job

Remember the euphoria of scoring a first class in your college’s last term ? and the day winding up with a heavy round of partying with friends ….

Only to be followed up by a gloomy day, which stretches in front of you and says ‘What Now ?’

In the age of campus placements, there are still many of us who haven’t woken up till the last day of collge and suddenly smell the flowers when the reality of the ‘working ‘ life dawns upon us..

No sweat, here we are, preparing you for what n how to go about making sure your not a total failure, in fact some bit of success when it comes to securing your first job :

Preparing a Resume

Now before you decide to stare blankly at this document and wonder what a resume is, we bring Wikipedia to help..

According to Wiki: A résumé is a document that contains a summary of relevant job experience and education. The résumé is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview, when seeking employment.

What should a resume Contain :

  • Your Personal Information and all Contact Details (name, address, phone numbers, email id, marital status, family background, languages known etc)
  • Your educational Background and qualification ( all degrees and diplomas )
  • Your work experience ( Exact timelines, designations, role & activities performed.)
  • Extra & Co-curricular activities / Hobbies / Interests

Resume : Don’t forget to:

  • Proof read your resume several times to make it acute and free of spelling or grammar mistake.
  • Check with your friends on how are they making their resumes or better log on the net for a decent resume format.
  • Prioritize what items should go where in your resume and make an order.
  • Customize your resume based on the position ur applying for and tweak the content accordingly.

Preparing for an interview:

  • Well begun, is half done. Prepare for your first interview meticulously and your sure to come out with flying colours.
  • Do your Homework ! collect all relevant information about the company , its field and products, everything
  • Know your resume well. Be prepared to answer all questions related to your education, qualification or experience.
  • Wear neat & clean formal clothing for the interview and be well groomed. Too much jazz will reflect a casual outlook.
  • Always reach atleast 15 minutes before the scheduled time for the interview.
  • Ask a guide or a mentor to do a mock interview with you to prepare you better.
  • And last, but not the least, Sell yourself ! don’t get intimidated by the interviewer or feel pressurized. Highlight your plus points and you will sail through.

Hope after reading this, you will get down to locating jobs that interest you and getting your resume and yourself ready. Good Luck !



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