Windows Blue: New update for windows 8

Windows 8 not even completed it’s 6 months in the market, people are not even using it and the new update of the windows 8 is announced by windows although it is not coming out for months. Rumors flowing that the new update will be more user friendly and easier for user to multitask on the screen. It is said that Redmond is already working on the newer version of the Windows 8 named as Windows Blue. The Windows Blue, Build numbered 9364 is said to be have altered in every way which will make the home screen more multi tasking and attractive.

As the windows blue is under the knife of developer in labs the preliminary version of the windows is already travelling through online file sharing websites. The screen shots from online website suggest that the first makeover which it got is on the start screen. On the current official version of the windows Live Tiles can only be set to only two sizes where the newer version will allow us to go with multiple sizes and high level customization. The background screen can also be altered according to the users need.

When it comes to windows’s browser it is considered as the slowest and the ugliest one in the world. The release of the windows 8 gave some what relief to the Internet explorer users with IE10 but later on it failed too. Now with this new update you will able to get to try your hand on IE11; although I wonder will it be better?

Windows 8 was loved due to the feature called Snap view where you can be able to work on two apps at the same time. The newer version will make it more simple for you by accumulating up to four apps at a time with multiple monitor setup. The feature will be the best advantage for the developers, artists and photographers who depends on reference windows while doing the work.
There are also little more update feature like accessing charms bar from anywhere and moving some of option around. According to the windows it will be more and more user friendly and customer oriented operating system.

Anecdote of the Windows Blue has been emerged since the release of the windows 8. The leak of the windows blue and the screen shots moving on the internet verifies the rumor of the story of the windows blue. If we go with speculation about Windows Blue, the beta version will be out in next few months and the later this year authentic and genuine version will be out for sell. The cost of the update is still the mystery as the windows did not announce anything about it.

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