Windows 8 Ultrabook, a mobile device

If you are wondering if a Windows 8 ultrabook a mobile device or not, well I can tell you that it depends. If you look at Ultrabooks by the formal definitions, they sport Intel CPUs and run Microsoft Windows. This makes Ultrabooks proper computers and a part of the PC era as these are the two things that carry the banner for the PC era.

windows-8-ultrabookNow let us compare a few things about Ultrabooks, tablets and laptops. An Ultrabook has keyboard, screen, they match the size of the normal laptops and they cost about the same price. But if you take the user experience into your consideration then Ultrabooks are most definitely mobile. We are going to experience this when Windows 8 gets release this year with Ultrabooks.

1. Windows 8 on Ultrabooks is insanely fast
As we all know the main advantage of smartphones and tablets over Windows laptops is their speed and convenience. A normal laptop with all its applications, utilities etc. takes a very long time to boot but something about Windows 8 that is going to win its way back in is its speed. Windows 8 on a normal laptop can boot with a spinning hard drive in just 8 seconds or even less. However it also depends on the apps, spyware, registry gunk etc that is installed on your laptop, which can slow down anything.

2. Light like a tablet
An ultrabook is quite close to tablets as it is very thin and light. For example the upcoming Acer Ultrabook called Aspire S5 is only 15mm thin including its keyboard. If you want to compare Ultrabooks are also much lighter than normal laptops. A basic business class laptop would weigh about 4-6 pounds while the average weight of Ultrabooks is between 2.5 to 3 pounds.

3. New features
Ultrabooks have Multi-touch swiping, accelerometer (you can play games by physically moving the Ultrabook through this feature), Voice recognition, etc. Ultrabooks are supposed to have a much longer battery life too which will last for a whole working day which is more than 8 hours at least.




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