Why Eco Friendly Ganesha?

Good news for all environment lovers as people are now going for eco friendly way. People are choosing eco friendly Ganesha over others. The demand for eco Ganesh idol has raised three fold compared to last year. The green idol sellers are out of stock because the unexpected demand for eco friendly Ganesha is amazing. It is a good sign. The Ganesh festival is one of the most celebrated festivals of Indians. Ganesha is the god whom we don’t forget to remember before starting any pious activity. On the occasion of Ganesh chaturthi we all worship ganesha idol individually or in groups. Few years back people with NGOs started circulating awareness about the eco friendly Ganesha idol that is harmless to our environment.

An eco friendly Ganesha is made from natural clay (multani mitti, paper, pulp, natural raisin) and to colour the idol instead of chemical based paints natural colours are used. It includes turmeric, tree juices, geru, flowers and other natural non toxic colours.

The advantages of green Ganesha idol are:

1.     It is eco friendly because it is made from natural ingredients.

2.     The colours used to make these idols are non toxic.

3.     The water bodies can be protected from pollution with these idols.

4.     They are light weight that is why easy to carry.

5.     They can disintegrate within four to six hours when immersed.

6.     If the idol is immersed in a bucket full of water at home, that water can be used for plants.

With so many benefits who would like to go for a non eco idol. It may cost you a little but that is nothing in front of your earth. After all our god also want us to love Mother Nature and save the environment. The NGOs around Mumbai, thane and Pune are calling the lord Ganesha the ‘brand ambassador’ for the environment.  These NGOs are trying real hard to make people understand the importance of going, living and becoming eco friendly by any ways and any means.

The young generation should opt for green Ganesha drive and try to spread the awareness for eco Ganesha. Our government is also trying to go eco friendly by issuing guidelines regarding green Ganesha. The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) had requested all Ganesh mandals to use eco-friendly Ganesh idols. Following the directives from the central pollution control board (CPCB), the local bodies are also asked to implement the guidelines on the ground level. In pune city women volunteers will make their stand at 16 Ghats on immersion day to request devotees to segregate their offerings so that biodegradable components can be composted. Hats off to these volunteers. It is our time to be more responsible as a devotee and as a awake citizen.

Let us join the hands and make this pious festival more pious by joining the green Ganesha drive that can be more meaningful, safe and joyous for all of us.



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  1. salil kamat says:

    why does nobody speaks about noise pollution created by ganesh visarjan processions ? stay at Dr. Bhadkamkar Marg people will realise how PAINFUL it is to sleep at night if you can manage after 2.00

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