White Water Rafting in India

Rafting as a sport in India found its roots in the 1980s when a few German and American expeditions down the northern rivers proved to be a success. Since then a number of tour operators have stepped in to provide a unique rafting experience ensuring wholesome fun! White water rafting is a tedious sport where one’s physical strength is often put to test, though highly rewarding when it comes to reaping more out of your vacation.

White water rafting is a sport confined to the northern territories of India where many rivers flow southwards with full vigor. The rapids and meanders on offer by these rivers like Ganga, Tons, Zanskar, Bhagirathi etc. are among the best in the world, with the rich Himalayan ecosystem around you to dive and explore. The northern states are rich in cultural and traditional resources enabling the adventurer in you to find yourself right in the lap of heavenly wilderness. Not to forget, the tall mountains add a certain charm of its own along with the exotic wildlife creatures you get to witness through your expeditions. The most frequented spots for white water rafting in India are found in Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, and regions along Ladakh and Garhwal. In north-east white water rafting can be done along the rivers Brahmaputra and Teesta.

Even a day long adventure trip can prove out to be an exhilarating take for you. Hence it is advisable for beginners to try these short trips out first before committing oneself to an expedition. Operators these days offer a number of attractive packages at surprising rates which include a number of fun filled out-of-water activities too making it a fruitful deal for you and your loved ones. Various camping options, theme nights, bonfires, sports are on offer for the tourists to enjoy. You can even opt for high end luxury stay if you can afford it, however, one truly enjoys this sort of a vacation close to the wilderness in the most natural and harmless of ways.

It is important for you to contact the right kind of agents to book a good deal as in the recent times we’ve witnessed a number of operators popping out of nowhere and rafting without legal sanctions. Also, once you’re on the spot, make sure of the safety and security arrangements there too by checking the equipments, surroundings and medical aid available. Compromising on any of these factors could land you in trouble and make you face a situation opposite to what you expect on a vacation. It is advisable not to carry cotton clothes as they fail to keep the body warmth intact and take longer to dry. If you have a medical condition, do not forget to take your medication along as such facilities are hardly available in these areas.

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