Which Channels you should Watch on TV?

As one sits in front of the television, there are thousands of different channels showing a variety of programmes. People remain undecided when it comes to watching programmes. Thus, with people getting more conscious about food and culture, more and more channels based on Lifestyle theme is coming up. Various lifestyle channels include:


  • NDTV Good Times – It is an Indian lifestyle based channel owned by New Delhi Television. The channel features programmes that cater the need of the urban youth. The channels include talk shows, cooking shows, fashion programmes, health and wellness and shows on Indian marriages. Popular shows include “Highway on my plate”, “Chakhle India” etc.
  • Discovery – Initially referred to as The Discovery channel, it is run by David Zaslav, CEO. The programmes are mainly based on reality based themes. It was launched n 1985. Popular programmes include Shark Week, an annual programme based on sharks. Also, Deadliest Catch, which includes catching of deadliest fishes. The tagline of the Channel is, “”Explore Your World” and “There’s no thrill like discovery.”
  • TLC – Initially referred to as “The Learning Channel”, it is an American based channel dealing with education. The punch line of the channel is “a place for learning minds”. It was founded in 1976 and was mainly dedicated to providing information and instructions. In the 1980s, the name was shortened to TLC. It continued to focus on education related issues till the 1990s. Over the years, they changed the pattern of programmes and started showcasing like “Paleoworld” which dealt with the prehistoric history. Due to low rating by the late 1990s, the channel began to diverge on to newer avenues that dealt with ‘reality-drama’ and ‘interior design shows’. In the year 2006, a new tag was launched – “Live and Learn”. In the year 2008, another tagline came up – “Life Surprises”. This particular slogan was started to make the audience aware of the fact that TLC would now begin to delve in personal issues. The channel has been criticised for diverting from the original method of programming to the airing of certain controversial soaps.
  • Travel and Living – It is channel owned by Discovery Communications. It was initially launched as Discovery Travel and Living. It was launched in 2005 as a part of “lifestyle” package of Discovery Communication. It is aired all across the world under various names. Some include – Discovery Travel & Living China, Discovery Travel & Living Taiwan etc.
  • BBC Lifestyle – It is an international TV channel that has six programming departments – Food, Home & Design, Fashion & Style, Health, Parenting, and Personal Development. It was started in 2007 in Singapore. It is wholly owned by BBC Worldwide.
  • Fashion TV- It is an international lifestyle and fashion broadcasting channel. It is the only 24*7 international channel that solely dedicated itself to various forms of fashion. It has its headquarters in Vienna, London and Paris. This channel also has its own online website and another channel called Fashion TV Men’s Channel. It is also aired in conservative countries like Pakistan.
  • National Geographic – The channel is abbreviated as Nat Geo, which is produced by National Geographic Society. It was started in 1997 and was launched in US, UK and Australia.



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