Where to watch IPL in Mumbai?

With the 5th season IPL Twenty20 starting, the pubs in Mumbai have become the best place to enjoy a few bottles of beer while watch a Match of IPL. There are numerous places to watch IPL in Mumbai and the IPL which has now is the most popular league is shown on a screen at almost every pub in Mumbai. Here are some of the best places to watch IPL in Mumbai: –

Bora Bora – Bora Bora is probably the best place in Mumbai you can watch an IPL match. This place has a capacity of 80 people and it has 14 TVs, a projector and an enormous LED Screen which leaves 1 TV for every 5 People. This is a place where you can really enjoy watching a match with a crowd that takes IPL as a religion. Bora Bora is reasonably priced comparing to other such places in Mumbai. This place is located at Royal Plaza, Next to City Mall in Andheri.

Geoffrey’s – This place is known for its great ambiance with all wooden interiors which has given the place a look of an old English pub. This is a favorite spot for IPL and cricket lovers. The food and drinks are great here but slightly overpriced. Geoffrey’s has a giant projector screen which will be enough for

Hard Rock Café – Hard Rock café in Mumbai has great offers especially during the IPL twenty20. This place besides its well reputed food, drink and services has an enormous projector screen right above the bar and about 10 LCD screen TVs. If you are planning to head to Hard Rock for an IPL match, you better book a table in advance as it gets quite crowded very fast.

Café Goa @ The Den – With great seating arrangement, 72 inch TV and a few 32 inch TVs, Café Goa is a great place for IPL fever. The food, drinks and service at this place is great but it can be considered quite overpriced. This place is more of a restaurant rather than a pub and it is quite small but still it is big enough to enjoy an IPL match with a few bottles of beer. Café Goa opens by 5 pm which means you can only catch the 8 pm matches over there.

Manchester United Café Bar – This Café has been made mostly for football fans but during the IPL it is also the place for Cricket lovers. This place consists of 2 enormous projector screens and 5 TVs.

Some of the other places in Mumbai to watch IPL are as follows: –

  • Pop Tate’s
  • Masala Zone
  • Sports Bar Express
  • Royal Challenge
  • The Irish House
  • The Little Door



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