Where Do Movies get Guns from?

Have you ever wondered about all the guns and armors that we see in many Hollywood movies? Have you ever thought where are do these people get these guns? Well there is certainly someone who makes them. There are people and companies that design and manufacture various types of guns for such movies. Of course these guns are modified for use of only blank bullets. Blank bullets are the kind in which there is gun power but no bullet or any kind of shot. You will be able to hear to explosion and the fire coming out of the gun, but there is not any kind of bullet. There different modifications for different guns and this job is done by such companies.

One example of such companies is one company called The Specialists Ltd. This company has been providing guns for numerous movies and TV shows such as Law and Order, The Bourne Ultimatum, Salt and many more.

There are many other products which are produced by such companies such as Blood knife. Blood knife is knife with a hooked up blade with a tube of pressurized blood that creates the illusion of bleeding after getting cut.

Another such product is the Nongun. A nongun is considered as one of the most popular weapons in film industry. It is actually a fake gun with circuit board and electricity which gives the impression of actual shooting. This product can be used for shots too close to the head where even a blank bullet could be dangerous. And finally another product which is my personal favorite is the rocket Launcher which is actually the AT4 U.S. military rocket launcher. They can be modified for use in a specific scene or part of the movie.



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