When the Lights are Out – Things to do when there is a power cut

Power cuts are such a regular occurrence now that a lot of us aren’t even bothered about them anymore. We have ‘adjusted’ to this uniquely desi phenomena. We are flexible with baths, we keep are cell phones fully charged, and the whole purpose of a repeat telecast of a show is to pacify the power-less (in more ways than one) viewer.

But the bad boy of power cuts is massive electrical faults. It ain’t load shedding this time! So be prepared to spend a sizable amount of time without electricity!

Not that I condone the whole ‘adjusting’ attitude, but until that revolution picks up, I put together a few things you can do with no electricity.

1. First things first:
Find out the cause of the power cut, and the expected duration. All Puneris SHOULD have the local MSEB number handy.
Next, once you realize there is little you can do about the situation, smear generous quantities of Odomos on yourself because its hunting time AND there is a serious Malaria and Dengue outbreak in the city.

2. Old School:
If its light outside, read a book. AtLEAST a comic book. Really, reading isn’t appreciated enough today. It ‘ll take your mind off the heat and trust me, the boredom. Just pick the right book.
Bring out the boardgames! Round everyone up and play a mean round of monopoly or cards. Playing Antakshari is also an option.

3. Go for a walk:
A nice starlit walk around the neighbourhood will cool you off. Accessories you can add are a dog and an Ipod. But pick your route wisely ; in terms of traffic, crowd, and importantly, condition of road.

4. Watch a movie:
If the heat is simply unbearable, look up movie timings and rush. Even a lame movie will seem passable given that you are in an air conditioned environment!

5. Eat!
Make it your mission to finish ALL the perishable eatables in the house. Icecream, cakes, left over butter chicken are al on the radar. ATTACK.

6. Scare:
Scare the young-uns silly but telling them ghost stories in the dark. Candles, curtains, sudden noises and the nervousness of the atmosphere will work to your advantage. Then dare the most frightened one to go use the bathroom.Alone. Buwahahahaha!!!

7. Snooze:
If you re lucky and the weather is cool, this shouldn’t be too hard to do!
Snooze away while the bulb don’t shine!



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