What’s New in Tech: Google Glass and Chromebook Pixel

The human imagination is widening with time. Science fiction is getting turned into reality by the intelligentsia of the world. Asimov would be very much happy in today’s age as we are progressing quickly to know the mysteries of universe like no other time. One such body is Google which transforming the way technology works. But what they did recently is a leap into the future.

Google Glass: Google Glass is a piece of science fiction or something that you have seen in the movie Terminator. Imaging spectacles that are stylishly designed to accommodate a computer processor, a battery and a tiny screen, Google Glass is much more than that. Accessing social network and sharing the pictures clicked and videos recorded by the glasses of spectacle is as easy as doing nothing. It’s the world in your eyes and you are the master of the universe. It’s the highest form of technology available now and works everything that any computer would do. You can speak to it, ask questions, ask ways when you get lost, hold a conference with your friends and lot more. It’s about going up in the hill and jumping from it and let your friends experience the jumping from far far away-only possible with Google Glass.


Google Chromebook Pixel: It has the highest pixel density (239 pixels per inch) of any laptop screen on the market today, now you can guess its picture quality and beauty. Made with an unusual aspect ratio of 3:2, chromebook pixel has touch-enabled Gorilla Glass fused directly to the 13 inch display screen. Marvelously designed with anodized aluminum alloy, the laptop comes with Intel Core i5 processor, 1 terabyte of free storage on Google Drive for three years and weighs only 1.52 Kg. It starts at $1200.




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