What Not To Do On Valentine’s Day

You have been flooded with advises concerned with “what to do on Valentine’s Day”. So by now you know exactly what to buy, what to eat, what to wear, where to go and a whole plethora of other stuff. But have you ever wondered what not to do on this day? Here’s a list to help you out.


If you have a partner then DON’T:

Forget Valentine’s Day: though the hype that begins almost a week before the special day makes it rather hard to forget, yet it is a common mistake, especially among the men. You may have already spent many beautiful valentine’s day together but that never diminishes the importance of the day (especially if your partner is the romantic kind). Shake it up and change it around and celebrate the day of love.

Skip Valentine’s Day: what’s the point in celebrating days after the occasion? It will just not feel that special. Keeping the romance alive is the best way of keeping a relationship fresh. Therefore if you want to celebrate at all, even in a very small way, do it on 14th February.

Be Distracted: you can do it all correctly. You brought the flowers, got the gift and went out for dinner. But you still lose if you remain distracted by your phone or the TV or by work. Give love a chance. You might find it amazingly refreshing.

Expect Too Much: so you love Valentine’s Day and you have made all the plans for the day. But if your partner doesn’t show the same over active enthusiasm, don’t blame him/her. Everybody does not share the same viewpoint about things. If your partner makes an effort to love you back that should be enough. (However, if lack of enthusiasm about v-day is absolutely unacceptable to you, you should think of moving on.)

Complain: let’s face it. Complaining is the least romantic thing on the planet. Don’t complain about how pathetic your life is, how much you miss the good old days, how good it would have been if you had more money to splurge etc. Be in the moment. Maybe nothing has gone the way you planned it but what’s so bad about what you have in hand? And if it is all that bad, go on and change it. At any cost, don’t complain.

If you are single then DON’T:

Feel Sorry For Yourself: so what if you are single? Valentine’s Day is after all just a hype to push consumerism. Though this might sound like an excuse to justify your single status but it’s true. The more importance you attach to this day, the more depressed you will feel. So stop feeling sad about being alone and spend the day like any other day.

Declare Your Anti-Valentine’s Day Feeling: if you are single and go around loudly telling everyone how you hate this day and how silly it is to splurge on this day and give businessmen exactly what they want, you might be right but to people who love this day, you will sound like the fox who said “grapes are sour”. So keep your anti Valentine’s Day opinions to yourself because to believers of love Valentine’s Day is like a day of religious celebration. They’ll not stop no matter what you say.

Forget Your Family: when there is nothing else, there’s family. (Ok, so it’s not all that bad). They have loved you for so long so why forget them on this day of love? Sometimes we tend to overlook the people who love us the most. Go ahead and spend the day with them. It’s better than spending the day alone moping about how no one loves you.

Go Out And Try To Celebrate By Yourself: unless you are a huge Valentine’s Day buff who is just incidentally single, don’t try to celebrate by yourself. You will see happy couples, heart shaped decorations and splashes of red everywhere. It might end up making you feel lonelier. So if you really want to celebrate by yourself, order in some food, lie about comfortably and watch a rom-com.

Desperately Try To Find Someone: acts of desperation are often the most thoughtless acts of all. Don’t call your ex. Don’t choose any person to go out with just because you don’t want to be single on this day. Remember, the day will pass but the mistakes made on this day will remain with you.




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