What is a Hybrid Car?

With increasing prices of fuel and the increasing rate of pollution, people are becoming more aware of significances of saving fuel and purchasing fuel efficient vehicles. Eventually we all are going to realize that we a car that gives a better mileage.  Currently there are numerous hybrid cars on the market including Toyota hybrid cars and Honda Hybrid cars.  Now all the manufacturers in the automobile industry will have to start coming up with hybrid vehicles because the market for such cars is increasing very fast all over the world. Now Honda is bringing its first Hybrid car in India which is the Honda Civic hybrid. If you are wondering what a hybrid car is or how hybrid cars work; here is how: –

A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that combines two or more sources of power which provide propulsion power is a hybrid vehicle. The most popular hybrid cars are Gasoline-electric hybrids and diesel-electric hybrid cars. Hybrid cars do not use nearly as much as the normal cars use as they keep switching between power sources as they stop or apply the brakes. For examples: – If you fill fuel every day for you normal car, now you only have to fill once every three or four days.

As you can see hybrid cars are very efficient and highly effective while they save fuel and help the environment.

Hybrid cars in India –

  • Toyota Prius
  • Reva i
  • Honda Civic Hybrid

Even though there are very less options of hybrid cars available in India, it will increase drastically due to the consumers’ awareness and the high competition that the Indian automobile industry will face.




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