What Causes Hair Fall?

Hair fall is one of the most common problems most of all face at some point of time. From teens to aged people all come under this category but the reasons may be different. When you start losing hairs very frequently then it is called hair fall. There are some signs that can tell you that you are having a hair fall:

Signs of hair fall

  • While touching the hairs you find some of your hairs in your hand.
  • While brushing or combing, bunch of hairs comes out easily.
  • When you find your hairs in pillow, bed sheet, sofa or where ever you sit.
  • At the time of washing the hairs the bathroom floor is flooded with hairs.
  • When you detangle your hairs it is difficult to stop hairs falling out from the roots etc.

It is very important to know the cause of hair fall as it will help to cure it.
Causes of hair fall

  1. Imbalanced diet – Improper diet plays an important role in hair fall. Lack of nutrient like vitamins, proteins, calcium in diet and excess of fast food can lead to hair fall.
  2. Lack of cleanliness – If you are not cleaning the hairs properly as and when required they will fall easily. Washing hairs frequently is important to remove dirt from the hairs.
  3. Lifestyle – If your work is making you awake in the odd hours or you are not eating at the right time can adversely affect your hair health. Stressed living and pressure of today’s lifestyle very common reasons of hair fall.
  4. Sunlight – The sunlight that has ultra violet rays is one of the reasons of hair and skin problems. If you are staying in the sun for a long time and not covering your head can harm the hair health.
  5. Pollution and dirt – Due to increased traffic of vehicles the pollution level has gone up in the air. When we go through such an air the pollutants and smoke can make our hairs dull and weak that leads to hair fall.
  6. Blow drying – It is time saving but can harm the natural moisture of your hair and can lead to dryness and hair fall.
  7. Hair products – Chemical based shampoos, conditioners, gels, hair colours, etc. contribute to hair fall. We can’t see the instant negative results but after some time you will realise the after effects of these fashionable products.
  8. Beauty treatments – Hair straightening, hair curling, shading the hair in different colours, some of hairstyling, using chemicals and heat to treat hairs can cause permanent hair damage.
  9. Heredity – In some families baldness is heredity as it cannot be cured but if you know the thing you can delay the baldness by proper diet, power yoga and taking good care of your hairs.
  10. Hormonal imbalances – It can cause severe hair fall mostly in women especially at the time of post pregnancy and menopause.
  11. Ageing – Due to age factor people suffer hair fall. But it is not always necessary as it can be a sign of a disease. In thyroid patients severe hair fall can be seen.
  12. Medicines and drugs – Most of the modern medicines and long term drugs have their side effects. The side effects can differ from mild to severe. If you are on certain medication long term or short term and you face hair fall then it can be one of the side effects. Ask your doctor about the side effects of the medicine prescribed.



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  1. Ashish Sharma says:

    can you please suggest me a good hair fall treatment clinic / doctor in pune?

  2. you can go to dr. batra’s clinic for free hair and scalp analysis as it will help you understand why your hairs are falling. first try home remedies and lifestyle style changes and if nothing works then go for clinical treatments.

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