Wedding Planning: Battle field for the creative minds

The very first thing that comes to most of our minds when we talk of wedding planning is the movie Band Baaja Baraat, however, even though it gives a close watch on wedding planning, it is not the only definition.

Wedding planning as a business in India, has picked up pace in the last few years. It is a simpler and more convenient way to organize a wedding in a ritualistic yet stylish manner.

With the kind of busy schedule that most of the people have these days, they barely have time to sit and plan a wedding themselves. Thus, they prefer putting this tedious responsibility of planning and organizing their wedding on someone else’s shoulder for a quoted price.

Weddings are no longer taken as a simple ritual where two people tie a knot, instead it is considered to be a status symbol. The more lavish the wedding, the wealthier and more respected the families are. Therefore, this upcoming business of wedding planning involves earning money for the most creative and impressive way of getting a couple engaged in the institution of marriage. Having said this there is no denial in the fact that this business is still more common to the upper middle and upper class families.

From a customer’s perspective wedding planning is an amazing business as all they need to do is give their requirements and then keep a check on how well are they being met. However, from a wedding planner’s perspective it is a business which involves a lot of headache. It is a customized job and thus requirements vary from person to person. It is extremely important for a planner to be creative and dynamic in his/her thoughts, so that they have something new to offer every time. This is the USP of wedding planning as a business.

Wedding planners have to go to the extent of importing flowers from abroad just because those flowers get out of stock and the client has desired for it. Wedding planner’s responsibility includes, deciding the venue, making arrangements for the rituals, arranging food, accommodation for guests, gifts, decorations and almost any other thing that is included in a wedding.

The most common type weddings that are planned are the beach weddings in Goa and the palatial wedding in Rajasthan. Some of the Indian wedding planners are:

Weddings and Dreams
One of the most renowned and well established wedding planners in India, Weddings and Dreams arrange elaborate weddings in Goa. Traditional Indian weddings, Goan Catholic weddings, and weddings for foreigners are all offered.

Golden Aisle
Golden Aisle organizes small sized wedding for foreigners in Goa, including “no frills” sunset beach weddings (traditional or Indian style) with or without legal registration. They offer a complete range of wedding services, including invitations and wedding outfits, and are flexible in putting together a package to meet client needs.

Regal Weddings
The acclaimed Regal Weddings specializes in organizing lavish weddings in palace locations throughout Rajasthan, as well as beach venues in Goa and Kerala. All sized weddings are catered for from two people, to large scale weddings. Locations include the magnificant Fort Fateh Garh in Udaipur, Devigarh Fort Palace near Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Gajner, and Samode Palace near Jaipur. Beach wedding packages start from $2,500.

This business is growing bigger and better with time and is definitely one of the most upcoming career options for a young and creative mind.




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