Wearable Gadgets

Even though it might sound a little bit weird, there are numerous gadgets that you can wear just like cloths. These gadgets are quite suitable for those who do not want to worry about carrying their gadgets such as mobile or expensive watches everywhere as they do not want to lose them. Well with these types of gadgets you do not need to worry about that anymore. They will just go where you go. You should remember that gadgets are also considered by some people as fashion accessories and make a style statement. With that being said, here are some of the most popular wearable gadgets.

1. Wi-Fi Detecting shirt
As the name suggests, this is a shirt that detects Wi-Fi signals and lets you share it through the glowing bars on the shirt. The glowing bars on the shirt let you know the strength of the signals. This shirt has three AAA batteries which are replaceable. While washing the shirt you must you should remove the batteries, decal, ribbon connector. You can replace all of that after it is dry.

2. iPod Sport Kit
iPod sport kit is a sensor that you can slip under the sock liner of your shoes before running and connect it to your iPod. This sensor will measure the distance covered, pace, time and calories burned while running, walking or jogging.

3. Fingernail watch
There are various types of watches with various styles, shapes, sizes and technology. Here is something that will surely be quite amusing. Timex has a new watch which can fit on your finger nail. The watch can be placed smoothly on the fingernail and carried around and it gets activated on your command. This type of watch is very small in size and it is disposable too so it does not cost much.

4. Solar-powered Jacket
Solar powered jacket is a jacket with solar panels which convert the sunlight into electricity for charging your phone or iPod. Its battery gets fully charged with 5 hours of direct sunlight.

5. Wrist phone
Samsung has quite a great reputation in mobile phone manufacturers and one of their recent wearable gadgets is the wrist phone. This phone has the thinnest touchscreen, Bluetooth, mp3 player, speaker phone and it can be worn on your wrist. There are also other companies, who have produced this kind of wrist phone such as Sony Ericson, LG and Philips.

Here are some more wearable gadgets:-

  • Universal Gadget wrist charger
  • iLogic Sound Hat
  • USB sunglasses
  • USB heating gloves



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