Ways to kill creativity

With every passing day, creativity seems to be at the highest and lowest pinnacle at the same time. On one side you see completely new and innovative ideas while on the other hand you get to see the same mundane things being repeated. The latter side is due to the dying creativity. These are some of the ways because of which creativity is killed.

Restrictions and control – When we restrict people, we’re actually pulling some of their options off the table.We’re setting up boundaries around their thinking arena and limiting their ideas.It’s as good as imposing our ideas on people. We should allow their minds to prance and wander about freely to ensure the most effective train of thought.

Deadlines – Deadlines are one of the top reasons that kill creativity. Asking someone to come up with the most creative piece he/she can do within a limited span of time is unreasonable. Sometimes the thinking process needs time to move from one point to another and make connections. Setting time frames (especially short ones) fails the purpose of creativity.

Competition – Healthy competition to an extent always fuels up your spirit and desire to work to the best of your potential .However aggressive competition may sometimes pull down your creativity and imagination.In the attempt of trying to come up with something better than the other , you end up messing up with your creativity.

Distractions – When you are continuing a train of thought, where new ideas are storming in, any distraction big or small might interrupt this line and the nature of thoughts might just completely change overtime in a matter of few seconds or minutes.

Surveillance – When you know you’re being watched or observed and have limited personal space, your consciousness tends to get in the way of your thought process. Flow of ideas maybe restricted and you might be influenced under the idea of pleasing the particular person in charge.

Lack of enthusiasm and motivation – Without the will to accomplish the particular goal / task, your brain remains idle and dull.You need the spark and enthusiasm to come up with new ideas and thoughts.



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