Wake Up!! Radiation Taking Your Life

It is human nature that we don’t learn to ride bike until we fall down once. Why we wait for one fall?  We all know that radiation generated from cell phone or tower is definitely not good for us. As every coin has two sides, cell phones also have pluses and minuses. But the minuses are much bigger than pluses. Since the beginning of the wireless revolution there were no solid studies that can show you the impact of constant radiation exposure on public health. Most people remain blissfully unaware of their proximity to the tower and transmitters. It is really difficult to locate a residential place in India today that does not have any mobile tower nearby.

A petition is filed by a doctor in the Kerala high court seeking a direction to a cell phone company preventing them from installing a telecommunication tower near his house. As the company had not bothered to inform the ill effects of putting up a tower and hence the project be stalled. We should try to circulate the knowledge and information about the long term negative effects of radiation due to mobile towers as much as possible. There are substitutes to communication towers but they are expensive that is why companies don’t want us to go in deep and making us to believe that the radiation is not harmful from towers. Use your mind and think twice as it is a question of your life. The cell phones are necessary for emergency but today the emergency happening is the cell phone. In the year 1993 a Swedish study showed the results that due to exposure to EMFs there is 1.7times higher risk of leukaemia in adults and a 2.7 times higher risk for childhood leukaemia. The California department of health services also revealed the fact after a seven year study that EMF exposure is a risk factor for childhood leukaemia.

What the cell phone tower radiation can do to your health?

Some of the most common symptoms of overexposure to radiation are:

  1. Headache
  2. Sleep disturbance
  3. Chronic fatigue
  4. Short term memory difficulties
  5. Heart palpitations
  6. Diminishing hearing ability
  7. Endocrine problems
  8. Frequent infections
  9. Reproductive issues
  10. Reduced cognitive ability
  11. Information processing difficulties
  12. Miscarriage in pregnant women
  13. Trouble in pace maker
  14. Development of tumours and cancers

Is the above list of health problems enough to wake you up or you still want to wait for more. This is the high time to act not to ignore such a big issue. Just imagine a person lying in the bed with an unbearable pain in his head due to brain tumour scolding himself for not listening to the warning signals of the disease. Do you want a cell phone tower on the cost of your life? If yes then just ignore this issue.



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