Virtual Relationships

Connecting with another individual is a basic human instinct and in current times we’ve been fuelling this instinct of ours by connecting with people online via different social-networking websites, blogs, forums and the ever active chatrooms. Internet is an integral part of an individual’s life these days and communicating over this medium seems to be the preferred mode of communication for this generation. Hence, quite possibly one can find a mate online and be totally happy and satisfied with a virtual relationship.

Evolution can make us do things we never imagine ourselves doing, but today straying online is not something new. Several reports clearly indicate how people are open to so many options and possibilities that in a way they are forced to ‘click’, which if in real life was an option, they would’ve decided against it. However, people across all ages and gender are spending more time on the internet trying to know certain people better, clearly who they find interesting. Also, internet knows little about boundaries, and the kind of information available these days on an individual online gives you more insight on the person than a real conversation in a real situation. ‘Sexting’ makes up the fun part in these relationships and most of them tend to start off with this. Surprisingly, people then move onto knowing more about the person and then, if possible meet the person and establish a real life relation, else carry on with the virtual affair. Even corporate relations these days first tend to initiate online before any sort of meeting. A major factor driving people into virtual relationships is the facility to be completely anonymous under any light. People love to create a good ‘first impression’ and the web offers them with a possibility to present them in whichever/whatever way they want. Not an ideal way to seek company, but if you’re certain and happy with the details available, a virtual relationship may work for you.

On the other hand you have a larger section of people discarding the existence and credibility of a virtual relationship, considering it hardly worthy enough of a real relationship. What one needs to understand is, words can help you establish a connection with another individual and you can well share thoughts, expressions and emotions, but transforming this connection into a bond to live your life around, you’ll need the person to be around you and with you, if not now, sooner or later. Our sense to see, touch and feel can only be in an equation if another individual reciprocates with these same senses. How technology tries to beat this fact of life, one can only wonder! And it’s one’s own decision if one wants to log onto love or rather fall in love.





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