Vertu opens its first store in India

Vertu, the luxury mobile phone maker has opened its first flagship store in New Delhi on Wednesday. It is now planning to expand its stores in the cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. However no comments on investments have been made. It is expected that the company would expand to other major cities in the country through a partner-based model.


British firm Vertu’s handsets are available exclusively in over 500 stores globally, including over 100 dedicated Vertu boutiques in 66 countries.

“There is a huge growth opportunity here. People in India today are well travelled, they appreciate luxury products. We want to tap that potential. Previously, Vertu phones were available in the country across 20 points of sales through luxury products distributors. With the first flagship store in New Delhi, Vertu hopes to deliver the very best to its customers,” said Vertu President Perry Oosting.

Recently the company has also launched Vertu Constellation Smile, a variant of Vertu’s Constellation Touch priced at Rs 2.96 lakh. With the increase in number of riches and need of luxury in India, Vertu’s launch timing couldn’t be timelier.



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