Vegetable Juice Recipes

Today’s fast paced life requires us to be on our toes around the clock. This demanding lifestyle takes a toll on our body and we hardly realize it. Hence, it becomes necessary for us to ensure that our body gets its daily intake of vital nutrients. One simple and time efficient way of doing it is to opt for fresh vegetable juices every morning to get the right kind of kick for the rest of the day.

Unlike fruit juices, vegetable juices don’t attract the taste buds much, but supply you with all the required vitamins and minerals. These are a great way to detoxify yourself and cleanse your bodily functions. Instead of spending most of your wealth on healthcare services, simple remedies like investing on cheap vegetable juices daily would prove a healthy deal for your body. Here, we’ll help you make the right vegetable juice to suit your needs.

  • Spinach juice:

The perfect veggie to start off with for beginners, spinach is an extremely rich source of vitamin A, C, E, K and a number of minerals including manganese, magnesium and iron. Simply put freshly washed spinach in your juicer and extract it after it has been mixed well. Adding 2 apples or even a few drops of lemon juice would help you to alter the taste accordingly.

  • Carrot and apple juice:

Probably the most tasty vegetable juice one can easily make at home. Take 5 fresh carrots, top them and juice it with 2 apples. Make sure you wash both the ingredients before juicing them. Carrots are well known for their ability to enhance eyesight and improve your skin. Adding apples makes the juice delicious and wholesome.

  • Green juice:

An important constituent of all leafy vegetables is chlorophyll. Apart from drastically increasing the red blood cell count, chlorophyll is extremely beneficial for some organs like the liver and colon. The ingredients required to make a green juice are: Celery, Kale, Cucumber, Spinach and apples to enhance the taste. Put them all in a juicer and mix well once you’ve extracted the juice. Always ensure that all the leaves are fresh and you wash them before juicing.

  • Tomato juice:

Tomatoes are probably the most easily available vegetable and antioxidant one can find. Of the number of tomato juice recipes out there, the best one probably is to juice tomatoes with celery, pepper and very little garlic. This drink packs a good healthy punch and tastes brilliant when served chilled.

Ginger punch:

Basically a kind of lemonade, this juice has a lot of digestive values. Take 100g of ginger and slice it lengthwise with fresh dates. Juice them with lemon and chilli and consume when the juice turns pink.





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