Understand Your Pet Dog

We find it difficult to understand other languages, leave alone a pets language. And knowing and accepting this fact, yet, many of us claim to have the ability to understand what our pet wants to convey or what they want. Experts say that it is very important for pet owners to observe and know the full body language of their pets in order to make out what the pet is trying to communicate to them.  Proper understand and knowledge of pet behavior is necessary to know your pet’s exact feeling and its meaning.

As pet owners feel it is their ‘responsibility’ to understand the loving pets they have, they actually start believing that they know everything about their pets by learning few behavioral patterns of their dogs or cats online or in a book, and thus are satisfied. When your pet is hungry, angry and sad or tired, they behave or act in a particular manner which people feel tells or speaks about one of their particular moods. Experts say that most of the pet owners get these behavioral actions all wrong and that they need not be the same actions all the time. Like for example, dogs can give the same reaction coupled with their body language to convey some other mood of theirs, but they could mean different in different situations.  Especially new owners could face a lot of problems if they just assume and take wrong meanings of their pet’s gestures. They should, for sure consult a vet if they have any difficulty in understanding their pet’s actions and behavior and try knowing the right gesture or meaning their pet’s want to convey instead of believing in false and misinterpreted assumptions. It is important to watch a dog’s complete body movement and not just the face or tail to actually come out with the actual message what the dog is trying to communicate. What might appear as an aggression might not really be the dog’s mood but it might actually be inviting you to have a short play with him. Agreed that many of a dog’s gesture and actions have a stereotypical meaning, but experts say that dog behavior is one complex thing to understand and is not that subtle as it seems to be as the same gesture from them can have multiple meanings.

Dogs are pretty good communicators. They rely on their body language to convey sophisticated message and as a dog owner, a little bit of effort would be required to understand these messages readily, correctly and quickly. If you look at all the aspects of a dog’s body language, you can appropriately communicate with your dog with very less effort and time. For instance, if a dog is wagging its tail, it does not only convey its stereotypical message of being excitement and playful but also convey his other feelings like anticipation and anxiety. Dogs don’t immediately understand what we are trying to tell them. They react according to our gestures and tone. Due to this inability of dogs to get the hang of what we are trying to communicate, therefore it is our responsibility to try knowing what he has got for us rather than jumping to some false anticipations and annoying your pet even more. Pet dogs need nothing but your understanding, love and care. If one pays attention to what their dog has to convey, you might be successful in understanding the dog completely as well as also let the dog be able to understand you.



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