Ultrabook VS Tablet

At present, the Great War in the battlefield of technology is between the newly introduced Ultrabooks and Tablet PCs. Ultrabook is a thin, slim and light 11-13 inch notebook, powered by Intel Sandy Bridge processors. It comprises of big, comfortable keyboards, flash-based SSDs and very efficient, long lasting batteries.

Whereas a tablet personal computer is relatively smaller in size but all the basic main features of a full size computer are incorporated in tablet PC. You can say it is a small laptop computer with a touchscreen but a physical keyboard is absent.

Until the advent of Intel driven Ultrabooks at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, tablet PCs introduced in 2010 CES, grabbed majority attention. PC tablets have taken over the market quite successfully especially after the introduction of iPad 1 and 2 by Apple. But this time, in 2012 Ultrabooks stole the show at CES and the audience was jaw-dropped to see the demo of Ultrabooks. Some even say that Ultrabooks will rule in future.

However, both tablet PCs and Ultrabooks have their own pros and cons respectively. Hence, the choice of Ultrabook over a tablet PC or vice- versa will largely depend upon buyer’s needs and necessities.

To a certain extent, you will find that both Ultrabooks and Tablet PCs have some similarities in terms of both hardware and software efficiency and quality.

Both of them are extensively compact, thin and light weighted thus making them one of the most easily portable devices. The Ultrabooks released so far are around 0.6-0.7 inches thick which is quite comparable to the size of latest iPad 2’s depth.

Both of them are equally aesthetically beautiful and appealing as they are both targeted towards the elite section of the society which is more concerned about their personality reflection in the society.

Both of them encompass same number of ports and connectivity options which includes 2 USB ports, micro HDMI, Bluetooth and Wireless.

Focus onmajor differences between Tablet PCs and Ultrabooks will also highlight their various pros and cons.

One of the biggest drawbacks of tablet PCs is the absence of physical keyboard unlike Ultrabook which features a full length keyboard instead of touchscreen. Most of the people find it tough and inefficient to type correctly and quickly on a Tablet PC.

Another hindrance in case of tablet PCs is the hardware which is anytime substandard than the ultrabook tech specs. While the best tablet PC comes with 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM, ultrabooks feature 1.6 or 1.7 GHz processors and 2 GB of RAM.

Talking about the screen size and quality as well as storage space, it is quite evident that ultrabooks are far better than tablet PCs as they incorporate higher-resolution displays and larger solid-state drives.

They both use different operating systems. While Ultrabook uses Windows, tablet PCs use Android or iOS.

If your primary concern is easy portability then tablets are far lighter and feasible to carry around than ultrabooks. They weigh only 1.2-1.5 pounds as opposed to 2.4-2.9 pounds weight of ultrabooks. The rotating screen adds cherry on the cake especially if you are travelling.

The new ultrabooks have better battery life as compared to the ordinary laptops but they fail to compete with tablet PCs.

Your pocket will be ripped in case of ultrabooks as opposed to tablet PCs which can be as cheap as 400-500 dollars.

So overall, it’s quite clear that both devices are targeted at different groups of people with diverse needs and hence both may survive in the market; if not, then only time will decide that who will rule in the near future.



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