Ultra books to Dominate 2012

Ultrabooks are in a way the new generation of laptops. As defined by Intel an ultrabook is an ultraportable laptop computer.  They consist of smaller size and weight, longer lasting battery life in comparison to normal laptops. Ultrabooks are generally crafted out of aluminum and fiberglass and work on non-removable batteries. They are about half an inch thick and weigh about 1 kilogram.

Ultrabooks have created an intense competition for Macbook Air and they are available in Core i3, i5, and i7.

Here are some of the latest Ultrabooks available: –

Asus UX31 – This ultrabook is a 13.3 inch and has a 1600*900 pixel display, Core i7 CPU and it weighs about 1.3 Kg. Asus UX31 price in India is Rs. 89,999.

Asus UX21 – This 11.6 inch ultrabook was announced in Computex 2011. Asus UX21 is 67 inches thick at the thickest point and 0.12 inches at its thinnest point.  It has a 1366*765 pixel resolution display, optional Intel Core i5 and an i7 processor, SSKs. Asus UX21 weighs about 1kg. Asus UX21 price in India is Rs. 89,999.

Toshiba Portege Z830 – This 13.3 inch ultrabook offers HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, SD card and USB 3.0 ports with a weight of about a kilogram. This ultrabook is 0.6 inches thick and it is available in Core i3, i5 and i7 processor options. Toshiba Prtege Z830’s price in India is Rs.43, 000.

Lenovo U300s – This 13.3 inch ultrabook has a 1366*768 pixel display. It is available in core i5 and i7 options and it weighs around 1.3 kg. This ultrabook has a 256 GB SSD, USB 3.0 port and a long battery life. Lenovo U300s comes with a price tag of Rs. 67,900.

There are more than 75 Ultrabooks coming in the year 2012 and half of them are going to have 14 and 15 inch screens. As it seems Ultrabooks are going to dominate 2012’s tech landscape.




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