Types of handbags for women

If you thought that accessorizing is not an important thing, you are grossly wrong. Having the right type of accessories is not only about creating your own style but also about having all the essentials you need. Therefore, especially for women, having a handbag is a must! Sometimes, clothing even seems incomplete without the right kind of bag! Now, there are so many types of handbags for women – one for every occasion!

1. Totes

A tote or tote bag is something like a carry-all. This bag is when you need to put a lot of stuff inside at once without making your bag look too full or even bloated. These are casual and go with almost anything. They are in vogue and are perfect for a day out when you think you’re even going to buy a few things. They are comfortable to carry and do not make your dressing seem overdone. The perfect accessory for a perfect day!

2. Clutches

These are small purses that you can literally “clutch” in your hands. They don’t hold much except money, make-up or small cosmetics. These are perfect for an evening out where you might need to carry only a few essentials. For formal dinners or parties, clutches are perfect. They give a very feminine touch to your dressing and are especially recommended if you are wearing a dress or a gown.

3. Hobos

A hobo is something like a small sling bag. It is something that can just be worn over or around one shoulder with a couple of basic accessories. This is perfect for a day or an outing where you exactly know what you need. These are perfect for women on the go – working women, per se. Not too many things but just the right ones!

4. Satchel

A satchel is a bag that can be strapped over your shoulder. This could be good for carrying heavy things so that you don’t have too much weight to carry in your hands. These are good for fitting in a lot of stuff. For carrying a laptop, files, documents or books, these are perfect. Well, you do remember you good old school bag, don’t you?

5. Purse

A purse can be of numerous types. It usually is a medium-sized bag with a small strap that would make the purse fit right near your elbow or even a little higher. This is a very feminine accessory and can fit in a moderate amount of things. The right purse can make all the difference so make sure you choose wisely.

Well, as mentioned earlier, the right kind of bag can either improve your day or make you cruse your decision. It is very important to keep in mind what kind of look you want to project. Also, it is important to keep utility in mind, not only style. With several companies producing handbags in various shapes, sizes and colours, you know you will never run out of choices to buy from. The only question is, have you made the right choice?




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