Travel Story #1: Trip to Dapoli

My friends and I started planning our trip to Dapoli two weeks in advance. We live in Pune but my friend’s dad works in Dapoli so he booked us a bungalow for three days with all the expenses paid including breakfast, lunch and dinner in Aryawarta Holiday Village which according to me is the best place to stay in that entire region with the best service as well as the best food. Our bungalow had two bedrooms with 2 double beds and 2 single beds. Even in the hall there were 6 beds kept. There was a TV kept in the hall, a refrigerator and a washing machine in the kitchen and the bathrooms had both cold and warm water. It was truly a luxurious stay for such a nominal charge. The view from the bungalow was absolutely amazing. But the highlight of staying at Arywarta Holiday Village was the food. For our first meal we had fried king fish and Prawns kari which was absolutely brilliant. They served various types of sea food as well as vegetarian Indian food. The staff was very helpful, friendly and they made you feel comfortable in the holiday village.

The first place we went to visit was the Murud and Karde beaches which are two of the popular and commercial beaches of Dapoli. These beaches were a little bit crowded but they are really good places for water sports such as parasailing, jet skiing, water scooter etc. Once you reach Murud beach you will see the water sport organizers there. This place is not completely developed so all the charges are still quite less comparing to other places like Goa. Anyways I was walking towards the beach when I felt the water on my feet. I realized that we are here for a treat and this was going to be a great experience and the cool breeze on my face felt really great. That was the moment when I heard my friend screaming and running towards me just to jump and try to throw me in the water. I ran and he fell inside the water. When I saw him completely wet, I loudly laughed at him and jumped in the water myself. That was a complete freak out moment. We swam for an hour and when we got out I realized how tired I was. Not only because of swimming but I kind of had a tough journey in the car while coming to Dapoli.

In order to get to Dapoli from Pune we had to take the Kolapur highway and from there we had to hit the Ghats. As our driver was a complete maniac and because of the twisting turns of the Ghats I started to feel the motion sickness slowly. After a couple hours of suffering I finally told my friends to that I need to stop and take a break. The driver stopped right next to a few local kids standing on the road side. I Got down and started vomiting my guts out. I felt like I was not going to make it through the trip but after I was done I felt much better and I was ready to hit the road again. We finally reached Dapoli after a couple of hours and reached our hotel. Once we reached there, I and my friends had a session of chatting and headed straight to the hotel’s restaurant for lunch.

On our first day in Dapoli we decided that we will get everything we need throughout the trip including, shampoo, soap, drinks, water etc. So right after our trip to Murud beach while coming back we went looking for booze. It is not exactly that easy to find many liquor stores around Dapoli. There are many places that sell only beer and wine but if you are hard-liquor drinker then it will be a little difficult to find the right place. Anyways we finally got what we needed and headed back to the hotel. We had asked the hotel staff to bring our dinner to our rooms at 9 o’clock. We had our dinner and started relaxing and having fun in the hotel.

The first night we slept quite late and we all woke up the next day by 9 o’clock. We had decided that on that day we would go to Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurg Sea fort in Harne and on a dolphin spotting trip. This place was a 15 minutes drive away from where we stayed. We had to ask fisherman to take us to the fort as well as a dolphin spotting trip. But once we made it there it was too late so the fisherman told us to come the next day early morning. We had lost hope but on the way back from Harne fishing beach we spotted the most secluded beach anyone can imagine. I do not know the name of this beach as there was not a single person there who we could ask from. We spend the whole day at this beach swimming and enjoying the sun until it became dark and we headed back to the hotel. This was my favorite day as I had the greatest time at the beach. The best part about this beach was that it did not get deep, no matter how far you go inside.

On the third day as we had decided, we woke up early and headed to Harne beach where we had to meet the fisherman. We could not find him at first but fortunately one of my friends took his phone number the day before. We called him and he came to the spot in 5 minutes. We jumped in the boat and the fisherman started his boat and headed towards the dolphin spotting place. At first we could not see any sign of dolphins. We kept staring into the sea for half an hour until finally I saw something about 100 meters ahead. I showed it to my friends and they saw it too. It looked a lot like a dolphin but it was not moving. As we got closer we realized that it was a dead dolphin floating on the water. It was truly a terrible sight to see. So we decided to go towards the fort when we spotted two dolphins jumping out of the water. That was a pretty good sight to see it changed our mood and made us feel positive. After spending 15 minutes enjoying the view of the dolphins swimming and playing around, we headed for Suvarnadurg Fort. This fort was captured by Shivaji Maharaj. The fisherman told us that no one really goes there as there are some rumors that the fort is haunted. About a couple of weeks ago a fisherman had died there due unknown causes. Once we reached the shore at Suvarnadurg fort, the fisherman told us that he will not come inside the fort. He will wait near his boat until we come back. So we decided to the fort anyway. At first it did not seem very scary but once we made it to the main gate, we realized that it is a typically haunted looking place. It was enormous and filled with thousands of black crows who were obviously not happy about us being there. We went inside the fort and it was filled with trees which were the houses of the crows. Inside the fort was completely empty and no sign of anyone being there in the recent times. After spending about half an hour we decided to head back to the boat as we could see the crows getting really agitated. We made it safely back to the boat and headed back to the beach where our driver was waiting for us. There was certainly something strange about that abandoned fort. I was having a headache throughout the time I was inside the fort and that were unwanted there. All my friends felt the same way.

After this experience we headed back to the hotel for some breakfast. After the breakfast we decided to head back to Pune after our three days vacation in Dapoli. While coming back we took the Mahabaleshwar road and decided to stop at Mapro for lunch. We had pizzas for lunch and fresh strawberries and cream with icecream as dessert. It was truly an amazing experience.

As I mentioned earlier, our driver drove like a complete maniac so made it back to Pune from Mahabaleshwar in about 1 and a half hour.



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  1. Shweta Rai says:

    Hey…I like to travel n see new places. However I haven’t seen much of Maharashtra and from your article I gather that there are a lot more place to check out here.

    Thanks for sharing this article with us I look forward to more travel stories coming in :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article,nice photos and made me to think a bout nice times I had in India. I like to share that in my facebook page, in case somebody have the same feeling like me….

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