Training for Triathlon

Triathlon is a multi-sport competition involving three high endurance sports, swimming, cycling and running. Triathletes compete for fastest overall course completion time, including timed transitions between the individual swim, bike, and run components. So if you’re planning to go for a triathlon, we will help you in training. And if you just want a better body, believe us, these three sports are the best exercises to chisel your body.



The most basic training is becoming better at running, cycling and swimming.
Wake up and move!


You need some basic equipment for your first triathlon. This equipment doesn’t have to be expensive:

  • Swimsuit and goggles.
  • A bicycle that fits you and is in good working order. This can be a road bike, a mountain bike or a hybrid.
  • Cycling shorts for training. A decent pair of cycling shorts, worn sans underwear, can make riding more comfortable, and they help prevent saddle sores.
  • A water bottle for use on your longer bike rides.
  • A good pair of running shoes that is fit for your feet.



For every preparation in life, you have to make a commitment to it and the important thing is to deal with time because most of us are busy with our work. Working out sincerely and timely will give positive results. So here we will discuss the workout plans needed to prepare for the triathlon.

  • Weekday workouts need to be only 30 to 45 minutes and weekends can be used to build your endurance. Your longest workout, a bike ride, only needs to be between one and a half to two hours.
  • Out of the five weekly workouts, make two of them swim workouts. Make two more of the workouts run-to-bike combination workouts to build endurance and minimize injury risk.


  • Combo Workout 1: (Run 1 minute, Walk 1 minute) x 5 then ride a bike for 30 minutes at an easy, conversational intensity.
  • Combo Workout 2: (Run 1 minute, Walk 1 minute) x 7, then bike ride 30 minutes at an easy, conversational intensity.

Try different workouts

  • Workout 1: Swim 5 x 100 (20 sec rest), easy to moderate
  • Workout 2: Combo: Run 25 minutes, Zones 1 to 2, Bike 20 minutes
  • Workout 3: Swim 5 x 100 (20 sec rest), easy to moderate
  • Workout 4: Bike 25 minutes, then transition right into a 20-minute run including 30-second accelerations
  • Workout 5: Bike: Long bike ride of 1:30 hrs on a rolling course.



If you’re planning your own training schedule, be sure to add recovery days and reduced volume rest weeks to allow your body to rebuild and get stronger. Take enough rest because if you’ll not, then all the hard work will go in vain.

Stay motivated

Doing same workouts again and again in the span of preparation might bore you. So try to innovate the workouts to avoid the boredom. The results cannot be achieved overnight, hence wait for it and always stay motivated.

Remember, Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.



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