Tourism in Visakhapatnam (Vizag)

Visakhapatnam commonly known as Vizag, though primarily is an industrial city, have lot of attractive tourist spots to visit. Right from the lakes to beaches, from high hills to caves, valleys, temples, zoos, Visakhapatnam have them all.  It is the second largest city in Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia and one of the best tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh. It is also known for its culture and religious diversity. Visakhapatnam is called as the “Goa of the East Coast “. It is famous for its virgin beaches.


Below is the list of some of the famous tourist places in Visakhapatnam:

Ramakrishna Beach:


Popularly known as the R.K beach is located in the east coast. It is the most famous beach in Vizag. It is the favorite picnic spot of most of the people. The clean beaches are the major tourist attraction. It has an amazing scenic view and the sunset here is mind blowing. The other eye-catching views on the beach are the statues of well- known personalities, museum, road-side restaurants and parks.

Rishikonda Beach:


It is a lovely beach with golden sand and vast stretch of beaches. Best place for engaging yourselves in water sports, swimming.  This beach is 8 km. from Vizag. Beach cottages with restaurants and bar facilities for the visitors are built by government of Andhra Pradesh.



It is a local favorite picnic spot. It is an attractive hill station which offers you a spectacular view of the sea. It is surrounded by the beautiful Rishikonda, Ramakrishna beach and the hillock. There is a rope-way facility to reach the hillock. Huge sculpture of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi can be seen here.

Araku Valley:


If you visit Vizag then Araku valley is a must see. It is the famous hill- station in Andhra Pradesh. Train ride to Araku valley is very enjoyable as it passes through various tunnels, hill-sides and streams. If you are visiting Araku valley on a package tour then you can enjoy the local tribal dance. The valley offers you cottages and resorts to stay. You can view beautiful scenes and greenery in Araku Valley. A famous festival celebrated in this region is Itika Pongal.

Bora Caves:  


Bora caves are located 1400 meters above the sea level in Anantagiri area of Vizag. Bora caves have an archaeological importance and also have historical and religious significance. William King the British geologist discovered this million years old cave in the year 1807. These caves have been recently modernized by the Andhra Pradesh Tourist Development Corporation.



It is a must-see place in Vizag. It is a famous pilgrim centre. This historical temple was built in 11th century. It is the second richest temple in this state after Tirupati. Simhachalam temple is located on top of the hill. It is famous for its architecture. The environment of the temple is very pleasant. It is the temple of Lord Vishnu in Narsimha avatar.

Indira Gandhi Zoologaical Park:


It is a good location to spend time with your family. It is one of the largest zoological parks in Andhra Pradesh. The park has collection from the forests of Africa and Australia.

VUDA Park:


Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority Park (VUDA Park) also known as Taraka Rama Park is a major tourist attraction. It has an amazing musical fountain. It is located near the Ramakrishna beach. Children can enjoy the lush green lawns, artificial caves, horse-riding, flower garden and camel rides. Every day thousands of people visit VUDA Park.

Apart from these, the other places you can visit are Gangavaram beach, Kondakarla Ava beach, Dolphin’s Nose- a famous picnic spot, Matsyadarshini Aquarium.

You will definitely enjoy your trip to Vizag.








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