Top tourist attractions in Kolkata

Howrah Bridge

Built in 1874, this bridge connects Howrah and Kolkata across the hoogly river.It is the sixth biggest cantilever bridge in the world.Its is an architectural marvel and looks even more beautiful once it is illuminated during the night.Its is 270 feet high and ne of the most fascinating fact is that it is built without the use of nuts and bolts.

Victoria Memorial

Established in 1921, this museum was designed by Sir William Emmerson , president of the british institute of architects.It was made as a dedication to Victoria – then queen of England.In this museum , you can see photos and paintings of various famous personalities.It is also surrounded by an exquisite garden with beautiful statues.

Eden garden

Being one of the oldest and largest cricket grounds in the country , this stadium is also the second largest one in the world.It has a seating capacity of about a staggering 1,00,000 people.It is of utmost importance because of all the important events that has been held here especially the first ODI series.It has hosted over 36 text matches in India.


Fort William

Situated on the eastern banks of the river hoogly , this fort was built in 1696.The basic intention for the creation of this fort was to stay protected incase of attack from the muslim invaders.Built of brick and mortar m, this fort has an arsenal inside it which is worth watching but requires a prior permission from the officer.

Belur Math

This  is the headquarters of the Swami Vivekananda missionary in Hoogly river , West Bengal.It Is considered exceptionally remarkable because it combines all the 3 religions – Hindu , Christianity and Islam in its architecture and motifs.Spread across 40 acres, this temple is dedicated to Ramakrishna , Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda.

Botanical Garden

This 273 acres of gardens is one of the largest and most oldest botanical gardens in the country.It is established on the western side of the river hoogly.It consists of over  12000 trees and 1400 types of shrubs.One of the main attractions in this garden is its large banyan tree which is said to be the second largest canopy in the entire world

Nicco Park

Nicco park,situated in Salt Lake city, is one of the leading amusement park in the country.It is considered to be the Disney Land for Kolkata.It consists of a rose garden , food park and innumerable exciting rides for people of all ages.Some of its famous rides are Cave ride, Water coaster, Pirate ship , Moonraker etc.It has received an ISO 9002 certification from a popular European certifying authority.




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