Top ten stress busters

Frederick Sanders once said: -“Brain cells create ideas. Stress kills brain cells. Stress is not a good idea.” The word S.T.R.E.S.S is indeed very powerful and all of us underestimate its impact. It’s when confusion is created when one’s mind overrides the body’s basic desire to choke the living daylights out of some idiot who desperately deserves it. Here we enlighten you with some tips onto go around bursting your stress literally.

 1.Take ridiculous pictures of yourself on the photo booth.

Mr. Steve Jobs invented a very useful application known as the photo booth. It helps you take pictures. Therefore with this you can click away your stress by pulling out different faces “the famous pout” and a variety of emotions.This indeed is a stylish way of dealing with stress.

 2.Rejuvenate yourself after seeing Rakhi Sawant.

Reality TV shows can be a real buster but they might end up in literally bursting out your mind.

Indian telly shows cansurely be a fun way of dealing with the “S “word. “Icons” (please notice the quoted marks) like Rakhi Sawant; her oh so knowledgeable comments and her plasticexpressions can leave one amused anddefinitely not stressed.

3. Retail Therapy

Retailtherapy is the best medicine after all. There is nothing so shallow and cathartic then making an unnecessary purchase when you’re down in the dumps.

 4.Learn a language

Russian, French, Arabic pick any. Once you turn into a pro maybe you can show off these skills by using it on your fellow colleagues or friends. They will surely know who is the smarty pant in the group.

5. Sleep it off

I know what you are thinking, how can you possibly sleep in all this turmoil. But yes, naps do help! Sleep repairs our system and helps us form memories’. So all of those good ideas we have, well they happen because the brain has the time to work on them while we sleep!

 6. Laugh, laugh and LAUGH

Laugh your heart out. Laugh out to your decisions, situations, destiny, work, problems, people, parents, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, children and yes stress too!

7.”ME” time

Discover yourself. Reinvent yourself. Find out the source of your problem. It is really worth carrying it around? Give yourself time. You might end up finding something new about yourself; a talent, yes it could be a life changing experience after all. Who knows? Maybe the next Susan Boyle could be you!

 8. Go gaga on chocolates

Stressed spelled backwards DESSERTS (cliché indeed) does tend to melt away your worries. Binge on those chocolate fantasies, caramel delights, soufflés, molten cakes (CHILI’S-HEAVEN) and bring your sweet tooth back to life!

 9. Magic kit

Yes, the magic kit, which is purely used for children, can bring a great deal of laughter into your life. You would be amazed to see those little tricks that kit holds. The world of magic is indeed magical. Maybe by magic your stress vanishes away? Hopeful thinking!


Mayawati, Manmohan Singh-The Indian political scenario is probably one of the bests for humorists around the world (no, we don’t have a George W Bush to make fun of, thankfully! But we do have our own very Indian Politicians.




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