Top Ten Richest Reggae Artists

There are numerous Hip Hop stars that make millions of dollars every year. But something that we forget about is the Caribbean Reggae artists who are making money pretty much the same. If you are wonder who the richest reggae artists are most certainly Bob Marley would the first one on the list. His estimated worth is US $ 130 million and even though he is deceased, he is still richer than all other reggae artists. But amongst the living reggae artists here is a list top ten richest of them all:

1. Shaggy US $ 22 Million

Shaggy’s 2001 album called “Hot Shot” sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. This made him one top selling artists also Reggae’s richest artist in this generation. This album was number one on the billboard charts in the US and UK. Even though this album was quite successful, he did not release any other album after that. Shaggy is very well known in Jamaica for his charitable work as he launched the Shaggy foundation which is a charity organization.

2. Jimmy Cliff – US $ 18 Million

Jimmy Cliff’s movie “the Harder They Come” star is worth about US $ 18 million. He one of the most important personalities in Reggae music and second to the king himself Bob Marley.  The Harder They Come is movie in which Jimmy Cliff starred and it introduced the Reggae music to the world in the 1970s. In the year 2010Jimmy Cliff was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

3. Sean Paul – US $ 11 Million

Sean Paul is one of the most successful reggae artists who is also internationally well-known. His album “Dutty Rock” in the year 2004 sold 6 million copies worldwide and it won a Grammy award and some other nominations.

4. Ziggy Marley – US $ 10 Million

The oldest son of Bob Marley, Ziggy has always been considered as the most successful of the Marley children. Ziggy has been recording music since teenage hood and his album in the year 2006 “Love is My Religion” earned his third Grammy and sold millions around the world.

5. Sean Kingston – US $ 7 Million

Sean Kingston is in the new generation of Reggae music.  His album in 2007 sold millions around the world and the song “Beautiful Girl” turned him into a big star. He also started his own record label called as “Time is Money”.

6. Damian Marley – US $ 6 Million

Damian Marley is another one of successful Marley sons. He started recording since he was 13 and he has won 3 Grammy awards so far. His both albums “Half way tree” and “welcome to Jamrock” sold millions and was certified gold in the US.

7. Maxi Priest – US $ 4.6 Million

Maxi Priest is a successful Reggae artist. He has released 9 albums since 1980s, most of which topped the charts in the UK. He was born in Jamaica but brought up in the UK.

8. Buju Banton – US $ 4 Million

Buju Banton used to be the richest reggae artist but he had a major fall out because of his issues with the gay community. Currently he is the 8th richest Reggae artist of all time.

9. Beenie Man – US $ 3.7 Million

Beenie Man started a good career in the 1990s and he’s been pretty much on top of the charts ever since.

10. Bounty Killer – US $ 3 Million

Bounty Killer is considered to be one of the most influential artists in Reggae music Scene. He has acquired a US $ 3 Million net worth.





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