Top Ten Gadgets at the CES 2012

No matter what, you always end up spending a lot of money at the Consumer Electronics Show as once you see the new products and gadgets of the year you would want to have them. There were many gadgets introduced to the public this year and they all had their own charms. Here we have listed top ten best Gadgets in 2012 with their descriptions.

1.  Gorilla Glass 2 – Gorilla glass is an improved version of the normal Gorilla glass which is damage resistant and it is generally used for smartphones, tablets and basically for touch screen gadgets. This improved Gorilla Glass is 20% harder than before and they will surely increase the life of our new gadgets.

2.  LG Smart Fridge – This Gadget is quite alike any other normal refrigerators except a few more impressive characteristics like recipe suggestion according to what’s available in the fridge, Blast chiller (ability to cool a can of any drink in just 5 minutes).

3.  Super OLED Sensation – There were various Televisions at the CES this year and most of them were quite impressive but the one that stood out from the others was the 55 inch screen Super OLED TV by Samsung. This TV has one of the largest OLED TV screens ever made which means it has it is more energy efficient and at the same time it is super bright. On this TV two people can watch two different shows at the same time by using special glasses without even noticing any ghosting of the other show.

4.  Vizio All in one PC – Vizio has been there for quite some time in the television market but with the new All in one PC; it has made its announcement of going into PC market as well. These all in one PCs are quite impressive as they are also at an apple like level. Vizio’s TV pricing are very reasonable, and if they keep this up with the PCs as well they are going to do quite well.

5.  Intel Nikiski – Intel Nikiski is an Ultrabook computer which has both elements of a tablet as well as a PC. In this Ultrabook there is screen on the place where you rest your hands while typing which informs the user about incoming emails and appointments.

6.  Lytro Light field camera – This Camera is going to be release later this year and it allows the photographer to edit the focusing of the picture after the photo is taken. Lytro light field camera can be quite savior for home photographers.

7.  Nest – Nest is one of the latest gadgets at the CES 2012 which controls the temperature of your house by learning your temperature habits. This smart Gadget is defiantly worth purchasing in a household.

8.  Razer Project Fiona – Razer Project Fiona is basically a gaming tablet which allows the user to play the current AAA generation games as well as PC games. This Gadget has an Intel Core i7 processor.

9.  Dish Hopper – Dish Hopper is one of the set-top boxes available at the CES 2012 which is surely going to have an enormous effect on cable companies. You can record up to 2,000 hours of programs on this gadget as it comes with a 2 terabyte hard drive.

10.  Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga – There were many Ultrabooks at the CES this year but one of them that stand out from the rest is the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga. This ultrabook has 8 GB of ram and it is quite stylish as well.





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  1. Nice read! A lot of interesting and fascinating technologies came out of CES this year and I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on a few in the near future. I had no idea Vizio had intentions of entering into the PC world, but like you mentioned, if their pricing is the same as their TV deals, then it’s definitely something I will have to check out. I’ve also heard a lot of information about the Nest and although the price tag seems a little steep, it sounds like a neat piece of equipment that will do a lot of good in my household. The item I’m most excited for is that Hopper and Joey system from Dish. It’s been a long wait as a Dish subscriber for a whole-home solution, so finally getting that going in my house is going to be a huge benefit. I also love the fact that it has one beast of a hard drive and has 2 terabytes worth of storage space, which a co-worker at Dish actually explained to me is 250 hours of HD and 1,000 hours of SD recordings. That’s still pretty beneficial and will eliminate a lot of recording conflicts in my household especially with the PrimeTime Anytime feature. It would have been awesome to see it in action at CES, but based on all the info I’ve read about I’m still pretty excited to get one in my home. :)

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