Top ten coffee houses in Mumbai

1.Mocha- situated in mulund west, mocha has one of the best seating arrangements in the city. Situated inside the nirmal lifestyle mall, mocha’s ambience is very inviting and the couches are extremely comfortable. From the Jamaican tea to the Irish coffee to the kit-kat milkshakes, the price can be a little heavy on the pocket but oh what he hell, come to mocha rejuvenate yourself with a cup of your choice!

2.Steak house- you can never go wrong with this place, this place serves the perfect cooked ribs, mashed potatoes, and bacon with some brilliant rich cup of coffees. Located in one of the busiest areas in Mumbai, Steak house is one place where you want to go back again!

3.Sea Lounge- Sea Lounge offers a wide array of tea and coffee as well as mouth-watering pastries from its famous desert trolley. Guests can indulge in a lavish high tea with delicious savories and sweets from different Asian countries. The high tea includes hot snacks, dim sum, kebabs, scones and pastries. Chocolates, crepes and coffee also make a perfect accompaniment to an evening of live jazz from eight to midnight.

4.Quench- The décor is extremely classy with alcohol bottles as bulb envelops, vibrant colored wallpapers and cool catchphrases like “Save the planet, it’s the only one with beer” doodled on the walls. Sizzlers with coffee can be one of the best combinations found here.

5.Salt water Café- Salt Water Cafe creates a symphony of timeless European flavours to provide its guests with an overall taste that is difficult to forget. The food and drinks live up to the highest expectations, as seen with its critically acclaimed predecessor Salt Water Grill. It stands two stories tall and includes a casual seating area, an elegant bar and a romantic terrace suggesting that any occasion will find its place at Salt Water Cafe.

6.WaghBakri Tea lounge- it offers you a wide array of choices, ranging from traditional favorites like Darjeeling tea to unique teas like cool Kiwi crush iced tea. Depending on your mood & taste you will find a tea to satisfy your every craving. No wonder tea aficionados call the WaghBakri Tea Lunge – The Tea Capital of Mumbai

7.Café Appetite- A multi-cuisine restaurant that is a culinary tribute to the fine art of Indo-Chinese and Indo-Italian cuisines, to tantalize the palate and enliven the senses, located in Andheri east Café Appetite is open till the wee hours! Coffees served in those little clay pots are the BEST here!

8.Tattva Café-  Owned by an honest hardworking “opted out of corporate life” couple with a fine taste in food and life in general. It reflects in their quality of food (both in terms of taste and ingredients used), the ambience and the friendly staff.

9.Café Bistro and Deli-   Dishes’ such as Leek and Garlic Parmesan Soup, Chilled Cucumber Salad, Med. Lamb Samosa, Aborigine & Mozzarella Fritters, Basilica’s Sushi, Roast Falafel and Aborigine Burger, Lamb Kibbeh Sandwich Philadelphia Bagel, Cracked Wheat Ragu, Pan Fried Red Snapper, Fresh Basil and Honey Juice and a lot more

10. “210 “degrees-This place specializes in eggless pastries and cake and is owned by the very famous Samrat Restaurant at Church gate. Enjoy these sinful delicacies with a cup of coffee and you are set for the day!



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