Top ten bad eating habits

Bad eating habits can make you physically unfit. You can either become overweight and fat or underweight and skinny. Here are the worst eating habits that we might all have but never knew that it is the cause of our health problems.

1. Fast eating

Some people eat their meals quite fast and gulp their food down. This is very harmful for a person’s stomach. While eating fast you also take extra air in your stomach. This can lead to bloating problems. You should always chew your food well before swallowing it. This helps in better digestion of food and in long term a better digestive system.  You should slow down while eating food.

2. Skip breakfast

Some people skip their breakfast for whatever the reason may be. It could be the fact that you are late. But skipping your breakfast causes a person to overeat later because of the low blood sugar. You will also have a lousy morning. Study has proved that by eating breakfast your memory and skills work better. By eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast you can maintain your weight the way you want it.

3. Overeating before bed

By overeating at night, you will gain more food as the metabolism of the body slows down during the night which will take more time to digest the food.  This eventually turns to fat. Always make sure that you do not eat more that required at night. You should remember that if you are hungry before bed time, you can eat some fruits or vegetables. By overeating at night, you won’t have a good sleep as part of your organism will still be digesting the food. So you won’t be rested well.

4. Caffeine cravings

Caffeine products such as tea and coffee are quite addictive. They do not carry much nutrition but they are filled with calories. Coffee and tea are one of the main causes of heart problems.

5. Sweet cravings

Some people crave for sweet products. By eating a lot of sweet products your appetite also increases which causes weight problems. Diabetes is also causes by eating too much sugar and its products.

6. Smoking

Smoking after a meal is equal to smoking 10 cigarettes in chances of cancer.  Smoking is very harmful at anytime and you should quit smoking as soon as possible.

7. Overeating on weekends

Some people have quite a well balanced diet during the week but on the weekend, because of various occasions they overeat. Make sure that does not happen to you as you will ruin all the efforts that you have done during the week to maintain your diet.

8. Raw food

By consuming raw food you can maintain you weight. But too much of raw food is not good for health as you might get affected by bacteria. Cooking food will destroy all bacteria. You can eat raw food but in a less proportion to cooked food.

9. Stress eating

Some people eat a lot when they are stressed or they are in a bad mood.  Try to maintain a healthy eating life as overeating will not help you in your problems or whatever that causes you the stress.

10. Water consumption

Do not forget to consume water regularly. Some people do not drink water unless they are very thirsty. That should not be the case. If you are dehydrated, you will feel tired and hungry and it will make you overeat. You should always carry water with you.






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