Top ten action movies

Action movies have become quite popular in the current younger generation. Action movies include various types of genres taking from superhero movies to crime movies and thriller. Here are some of the best action movies of all time. These movies have been rate as top ten action movies in our ranking.

1. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight made in 2008 is an action and superhero film directed and produced by Christopher Nolan. This movie was inspired and based on the DC comics character Batman. In this sequel of Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent with batman fight the chaos and crimes of a mastermind criminal and terrorist (played by Heath Ledger R.I.P.) known as the joker. The character of Joker is considered to be one of the greatest criminal characters in the history of cinema.

2. Die Hard

Die Hard is one of the greatest action films. This movie was directed by John Mc Tieman in the year 1988. This movie is based on the 1979 novel called Nothing Lasts Forever. In this film Bruce Willis is an NYPD officer (John McClane) who gives the terrorists who have taken many hostages quite a hard time.

3. Aliens

Aliens is a science fiction action picture which was directed by James Cameron.  This movie was built in the year 1986 which is a sequel to the 1979 movie Alien. In this film the main character i.e. Ellen Ripley, returns to the planet that she and her crew faced a major danger by the alien creatures.

4. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is another sci- fi action film which was directed by James. This movie was made in the year 1991 as a sequel to the first part of terminator 1984. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Harnilton, this film is about Sarah Connor who was the target of the cyborg who once tried to kill her. But now the same cyborg must protect Sarah and her teenage son from a more advanced and strong terminator.

5. Matrix

This science fiction Action picture was written and directed by the Wachowski brothers in the year 1999. These movie stars Keanu Reeves and it is the first part of the Matrix series. This is the story of a computer hacker who finds the secret and the true nature of reality. This is a must watch for sci-fi fans as well as action movie fans.

6. Snatch

Snatch is a crime action film which was made in the year 2000 and was nominated for 9 academy awards out of which, it won 4 Oscars. The movie was directed by Guy Ritchie. This movie is about the London underworld crimes.  This movie stars Jason Statham, Alan Ford, Brad Pitt, Benicio Del Toro, Dennis Farina and Vinnie Jones.

7. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

This movie is one of the Australian action films directed by George Miller.  This movie was made in the year 1981. This is the sequel to the first part of the movie called Mad Max. this movie stars Mel Gibson and Bruce Spence.

8. Sin City

Sin City is crime action movie which was produced and directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. This movie was based on the graphic novel series called sin city by Frank Miller.  This is the story of a shady and wretched town, and the people of this town who are caught up in violence and corruption.

9. Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon was directed by Robert Clouse in the year 1973. This Martial arts and action movie stars the legend of martial arts, Bruce Lee. This movie was the final appearance in a film before his death.

10. Goldfinger

Goldfinger is the third sequel to the James Bond series. This movie is based on the novel by the same name written by Ian Fleming. This movie is considered to be one of the best bond movies during the time when Sean Connery was the well known and popular James Bond. This movie was released  in the year 1964 and won an Oscar.



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