Top surfing destinations of the world

Technically, surfing is defined as a water sport where one rides of the crest of a wave while facing towards a shore. However for a passionate surfer , its more than just that.If you’re a surfer and you need to catch waves from all over the world , here is a list of popular surfing destinations situated in the world.

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa – Situated in the eastern cape of South Africa , this popular surfing destination has swells that can be anywhere from 3 feet – 10 feet. Being one of the most popular and well renowned places in the world for surfing ( especially during the months of June, July and August), it is also a host to popular surfing competitions such as the annual billabong pro WCT surfing event.

Gold coast , Australia – Located in the Southeast corner of Queensland , the Gold coast consists of 4 epic point breaks – The Spit, Main Beach, Narrow neck, Palm Beach and Mermaid beach.This area is mostly popular for its sunny subtropical climate and is a treat for every surfer

Pavones , Costa Rica – Packed away in the comfort of Golfo Duce , this beach is ideal between the months of May and November. Quite a few swells can also be found in places like Playa Naranjo and  Potrero Grande

Santa Cruz , California – 50 miles south of San Francisco, Santa Cruz is famous for its good half waves.With cold water present throughout the year and some of the worlds famous water sports brands lined all across the shores , this place is paradise to all surfers ahoy.

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia – With best waves from June to September and  a chain of more than 70 islands , the Mentawai islands is one of the most consistent surfing spots in the world.

El-Salvador – Bordering the Pacific Ocean between Guatemala and Honduras,the country has it’s swell season from March to October.Apart from these reasons they’re an ideal spot because they are cheap and sparsely crowded.




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