Top five PC games 2011

PC games are also known as computer games are video games that can be played on a personal computer. these games evoved from graphics and early games such as Spacewar.These days video games are very advanced and here are the top PC games in 2011.

1. Call of Duty – Modern warfare 3

This is one of the most anticipated games of the year like the FIFA series by EA games. This game had a close competition in this year with the game battlefield 3, yet it was quite up to the expectations. Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 had a gripping storyline following Captain, John Prince, Soap Mac Tavish and Vladimir Makarov.

It was reported that the game was stolen from the warehouse before two weeks of its release. The game got uploaded in half but the investigators hired by Activision were searching web sites for traces of the game.

2. Deus Ex – Human Revolution

This game takes place in 2027, which is 25 years before the first part of the game. At that time the multinational corporations have developed their organizations beyond the power of the world’s governments.   The main character of the game is Adam Jensen whose body has been under various painful augmentations following an attack on Sarif Industries where he was gravely injured.

3. FIFA 12

Another EA Sports’ FIFA series has come. This is the 2012 edition which features improved game play, competitive scenarios, updates to club and country line ups.  In the game you can control you teams relationship with the players and the media as the manager. The press will also pick up on injuries and discontented players. Unhappy players can express their opinions to the press about the club.

4. Batman – Arkham City

This is one of the serious candidates for games of the year and it is completely built up on solid foundations of its predecessor, with new and effective melee attacks.  The Villains include the Joker, two-face, Catwoman, Dr. Hugo Strange, Calendar Man and Solomon Grundy. Cat woman has also been made a playable character of the game with a different story line which pops up at specific points in the game.

5. Shogun 2 – Total War

This is one of the best real time based strategy games of this year. The game takes place in the 16th century in Japan. Players in this game should choose from one of nine various clans that inhabit the province of Japan. Each clan has different advantages and its disadvantages.



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