Top 5 Significant Careers that make a difference

There are many types of jobs and careers available. One can choose any field to take as career to make money or become an important person. For those who want to make change and be able to make a mark that can be seen by the human race or just simply make earth a better place there different types of professions and jobs available. These jobs are the ones that actually make a difference and matter to the human life and the environment.

1. Activist
An activist is considered to be anyone who fights for things he believes to be right and wants change in the society. Anyone of us, who wants change and believes in a cause and is ready to work hard for it, is an activist. Anyone with any type of background can become an activist. For example a teacher can contribute his career to activism by teaching his students about environment, human rights, politics and global issues. A doctor can become an activist by providing his/her medical services to children or people in areas where a war is going on.  Mostly activists start their careers as volunteers or interns and develop their skills through various courses of Policy studies and leadership. Generally the annual salary for activists starts from $ 20,000.

2. Inventor
“Inventors made the world into what it is presently.” That is a fact. If you are an inventor there are always many opportunities available as there are many problems that need a solution. Inventors are the problem solvers of our world and they have always been making things easier for us. If you are an inventor you will need to use your creativity and you can even become very prosperous if you sell your products. Inventors are actually the most curious, creative and persistent people there can be. But all these qualities are quite necessary if you want to be an inventor.

3. Ethics Officer
An ethics officer is a person in a company who has the responsibility to make sure that the company is socially accountable and everyone in the company has one perspective on right and wrong business practices. Ethics officers are the ones who actually write a company’s code of ethics and train all the executives and employees and other members of the company on good and bad practices.

4. Congressional Aide
If you are planning to be a congressional aide you will need to work at the federal or state Government. As one of the most rewarding jobs, congressional aide for people who would want to make a difference involves phone calls, emails, meetings and communicating with the press. You can start at a congressional aide job with starting salary of below $20,000. This job is also referred to Political aide.

5. Mediator
In law mediation is referred to as alternative dispute resolution. A mediator is a person who helps other resolve their problems without involving the law and going to court. A mediator can also be a former lawyer but you do not require a degree to be a mediator.




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