Top 5 restaurants in Pune

There is an enormous range of restaurants in and around Pune. You can find various types of international as well as domestic cuisine in the City of Pune. There are also many places with great variety in food and drinks and world class quality of services. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Pune. (Top 5 restaurants in Pune)

1. Paasha

Paasha is an exotic restaurant located at the rooftop of Marriot Hotel in senapati bapat road. This luxurious restaurant in Pune is considered to have the best food in the city. This restaurant serves the best north Indian cuisine, Kebabs, dal and various types of Indian breads. The seating is arranged both inside as well as outside. The food choices in the menu is quite descent but the quality completely makes up for it. This place is mainly known for its kebabs which are main highlight of the place. There is small water bodies around the sofas outside which are quite impressive. The interior in the inside part will charm you with its impressiveness. With the polite staff, like all other Marriott hotels, Paasha restaurant has a complete wine list. Overall this place is according to me the best place you can for an amazing dinner experience.

2. Stone WaterGrill

Stone WaterGrill is great place to spend an evening with your friends. The music, the seating arrangement and the bar are quite impressive. The quality of the food and drinks will surely reach your expectations if not higher. Stone WaterGrill is one the places that if you will surely go back to once in a while to have a good chilled out time. The crowd is quite youthful and the dance floor is always filled with youngsters having a good time.  This place is located in Koregoan Park, Pune.

3. Malaka Spice

One of the most exciting restaurants in Pune which has combined the elements of food and art gallery is Malaka Spice. You can go to this place with your family, friends, colleagues, clients etc.
This place is mainly famous for its south Asian cuisine. The decoration of Malaka Spice is very impressive. They have quite a vast range of different types of cuisines (international & domestic). This is a must visit place for everybody.

4. Darios

Darios is one of the restaurants located in Koregoan Park. They have amazingly wide range cuisines in their menu and their wine list is filled with various kinds of domestic and imported wines. If you are looking to have to most authentic vegetarian Italian food this is the place for you. The quality of the food is excellent and so is the service. You can go to this place with your family or friends. But remember here the food is going to be vegetarian. The place is mainly famous for their Italian pizza which makes it one of the best Italian restaurants in Pune.

5. Hard Rock Café

The Hard Rock Café in Koregoan Park near ABC farm does not require any kind of introduction. This world famous café has an amazingly enormous range of food in its menu. The service is very efficient. Some of the waiter work with their roller skates on and might even perform a group dance at the end of the night. The interiors are done very well and impressive and there is an outdoor set too. A statue of Freddie Mercury (vocalist of the band Queen, originally from Pune) has been put up outside the place as tribute to him.



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