Top 5 New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions!  The toughest to make if you could follow it, and the easiest promises you could make to yourself if the resolution last for just about a week or so. It is this one way and this one time when people actually and seriously go into deep thinking and set goals for themselves to improve themselves. Marking the New Year with a resolution is a pretty good start. It gives you the opportunity to mark the beginning of a fresh year, with a fresh mind and fresh decision to better yourself. One might want to lose weight, control his temper, have a closer relationship with other people around them, get a promotion changing certain bad habits of theirs, and the list is endless.

Resolution is nothing but a hope. It is very largely symbolic and not practical. No one remembers making resolutions after a month. If a good change gets evident within us, the resolution s are never credited. People cannot seem to stick to it. The fun of making resolutions comes out by making non generic unique ones, which are difficult yet possible, maybe.


1. Becoming a world class competitive eater: This could be one crazy resolution to actually eat more and it is an example of a typical ‘lose weight’ resolution. Losing weight and going on an all carb diet is pretty common, isn’t it? When we actually notice all world competitive eaters, many of them are actually thin. So picking up and making this unique resolution would actually break the typical notion of  the only losing weight resolution.

2. Brush, Floss, and Rinse Twice a Day:  Maybe all of us brush twice a day, that is, maybe. When we even leave of brushing, there are other chores of dental hygiene like floss and rinse of teeth, which we usually, or very frequently forget doing, as they don’t really form as an integral part of our chores as such. Yes, that would reduce much of a dentist’s work, unless we are not really fond of visiting him everyday. We are so busy grooming ourselves and take so much effort to do other things in life that we forget acts like “Floss” and “Rinsing” and “Brushing” our teeth are important for our oral hygiene.

3. Utilizing the poop-scooping baggies:  No matter how busy you could be, you can always try taking some time off and caring for your pets and your hygiene. Whether you have a cat, a dog or a mouse, you know they poop all the time. So if not for them, yes making an attempt to actually cleaning up their mess and keeping your “home sweet home” clean would lead you to no loss and make a huge difference in creating a healthy, friendly and a cleaner environment for you and your lovable pets.

4. Watch more of Classic Movies: people might have forgotten the definition of a classic movie, but yes all I can say is they are something really sensible to watch, and could be much more stimulating than any modern comical flick. What could someone find stimulating in a movie like “A boy girl thing”. Classic movies like “The Wizard of Oz” and “Psycho” are worth a watch, if you want to watch some good movies without a waste of time, or even classic anime movies like V for Vendetta. These are certainly not movies starred excellent by critics, but yes, they can help you grow culturally.

5. Picking up a new, obscure skill: Resolutions are also filled with learning new skills like learning to swim or yoga or cycling. It’s something really common to try learning certain things, but not unique things. How many could actually take a resolution on learning to play the Taiko drums?! Making an attempt to learn something as obscure, weird and unique can be something really different worth trying out as a resolution and sticking to it.

Whatever our resolution might be, it is always good to atleast try and sticking to them than not do anything at all. It is always better to say “I tried” even if we never succeeded. But atleast making a resolution at the beginning to the year gives you the hope to strive to live up to it.



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