Top 5 Mind Power games

Our brain is a powerhouse and along with physical health, it is equally important that we take small efforts to keep our brain active and alive.Your brain is a complex muscle – use it or lose it.

Here are some games that help improve your brain power and are equally fun at the same time.

1)      Scrabble

Scrabble helps in memory improvement and acts as a mental workout. The thought process that goes into your head before forming words on the square tiles can actually benefit you and help you with your daily activities in life otherwise.

2)      Puzzles and word puzzles

Working on puzzles boosts your thinking powers and your problem solving skills. It acts as a high quality mind game that is not only an effective pastime but also activates corners of your brain.

Word puzzles like crosswords, brain teasers , anagrams etc  keeps your mind pumping along with updating your vocabulary.

3)      Chess

Chess is a game that trains your brain and increases your thinking speed , reasoning abilities and brain creativity. This is the perfect brain gym that can keep you engaged and hooked onto the game for hours.

4)      Jenga and pickup sticks

To play jenga or pickup sticks , you need to strategize and plan in your head before every move you make. Also taking a block or stick out from the pile requires massive amounts of concentration.Focusing and concentrating are aspects of the brain that are easily covered by this game.

5)      Memory games

Memory games in reference to places , names , objects , sentences etc is an excellent way to sharpen your brain and improve your memory and retention skills. Long term memory span problems are common these days. Sometimes it’s even hard to remember things in daily lives such as names , phone numbers etc. Memory games played on a regular basis will help solve this problem.




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