Top 20 Weirdest Phobias on Earth!

Fear is the darkest secret that hides deep inside. From spiders to exam, fear comes in all sizes! Probably if you happen to be phobic, you have an anxiety disorder. Some Phobias maybe rare and unheard of but they do exist in reality. Let’s have a look at some of the weirdest phobias on earth!


1. TUROPHOBIA- Fear of cheese.
Imagine a person fearing an extra large pizza topped with double cheese. That’s the last thing one should fear.

2. IPOVLOPSYCHOPHOBIA- Fear of being photographed.
Never ever use words like ‘Say Cheese!’ to people who fear being photographed. You may end up petrifying them!

3. DESCENDOPHOBIA- Fear of becoming uncomfortable while descending stairs.
Think twice before using the staircase of your multi storeyed apartment in case you suffer from Descendophobia.

4. NOMOPHOBIA- Fear of being out of mobile phone contact.
Make sure you are using the best cellphone network if you happen to be traumatized by Nomophobia.

There are city names that are almost 85 to 90 letters long. So how is one with this phobia supposed to pronounce it?

6. OIKOPHOBIA- Fear of household appliances.
Staying at home is nearly impossible if you suffer from Oikophobia.

7. PHOBOPHOBIA- Fear of having a phobia.
This one is the weirdest phobia. Dreadful about fearing, unusual, isn’t it?

8. EISOPTROPHOBIA- Fear of looking into one’s mirror reflection.
Fear of looking into the mirror??? Try not to overdo your make-up!

9. LEVOPHOBIA- Fear of objects to the left side of the body.
Fearing objects on your left, need not be right!

10. EBULLIOPHOBIA- Fear of bubbles.
You will be losing out on the most amazing activity on earth-playing with bubbles!

11. GEPHYROPHOBIA- Fear of bridges.
People with Gephyrophobia will have a tough time holding onto their car seat while crossing the furlong city bridges.

12. CHAETOPHOBIA- Fear of hair fall.
Every single day we lose millions of hair strands. Chaetophobia will probably refrain you from combing or even touching your hair.

13. XANTHOPHOBIA- Fear of the color yellow.
The reason many people say ‘No’ to yellow maybe because they fear it.

14. TECHNOPHOBIA- Fear of technology.
Staying away from technology is practically impossible in the present day scenario. Make sure you are not struck with this fear in an era of technological break-throughs.

15. ABLUTOPHOBIA- Fear of bathing.
Ablutophobia is a good reason to stay away from the shower!

16. SOMNIPHOBIA- Fear of sleep.
After a tiring day, you would prefer staying wide awake rather than enjoying a good night’s sleep with Somniphobia.

17. HYLOPHOBIA- Fear of trees.
Trees are said to be life givers but look what we found- trees induce fear too!

18. CIBOPHOBIA- Fear of eating or having food.
How do you expect a person to survive, who fears eating? Unbelievable but true!

19. ANTHOPHOBIA- Fear of flowers
The most angelic things on earth are flowers. Fearing flowers is really weird.

20. TETRAPHOBIA- Fear of the number 4.
So this is how you would probably tell your numbers when you have Tetraphobia
1 2 3 ‘aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh’ 5 6 7 8 9……….!

Fear always has a new name. It doesn’t take much time for your dislikes to turn into fear. Challenge yourself when fear takes over and make sure you win it hands down!




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