Top 10 Tv Series of All Time

1. The Sopranos: This TV series of 1999 tells the story of a mob boss Tony Sopranos, it gives an innovative look into his personal and professional life, and how he handles all the hurdles he faces at his work office and back at home. Great acting and intriguing storylines, this story is serious, heartwarming and touching and at the same time ends up with hilarious moments, giving the perfect blend of a mix of emotions in an ideal drama show.

2. Twin Peaks: TV series of 1990, it tells of an FBI agent investigating the murder of a beautiful young woman in the mysterious town of Twin Peaks. Stunning and explosive, and totally gripping with shocks and twists here and there, FBI special agent Dale Cooper while investigating her demise and unfolding the strange web of mystery himself starts getting down deeper and deeper into the heart of the mysterious woodland he lives in.

3. Mad Men: A television series of 2007, this show focuses of one ad executive, who is talented and mysterious, and who works for one of the most prestigious ad agencies of New York. Based during the timeline of 1960’s, it actually shows how capitalism can market itself with big lies and shows how America transferred itself from the 60’s to time now. A very creatively written piece, this show demand curiosity and attention as you cannot understand what this show is all about in the first episode itself.

4. The West Wing: A TV series which was telecasted way back in the year 1999, it is a political series where the real and world of American politics and the life of those working in the White House is brought to light. Containing and excellent script and amazing and talented cast, this series surely stands out be one of the best in portraying the shrewdness and the not so darker side of the President and his staff.

5. 24: One of the most creative, well written, unpredictable and mysterious shows which came in the year 2001, it tells a story of a Federal Agent Jack Bauer wherein he is shown to be completely determined towards his work and does his best in his attempts to stop bombs, prevent assassination attempts and save someone whom he really cares for. This show’s each season takes place within one 24 hour period, providing some very gripping moments in the series and some very unpredictable twists.

6. Dexter:  Meet Dexter Morgan, who hit television sets worldwide in the year 2006, is a likeable Miami metro police forensics expert, who is determined to show criminals their real place in the society and thus moonlights himself as a serial killer of those criminals who he believe have escaped justice. The story gets pretty catching with each episode with the mysterious character of Dexter’s secret life and the darkness which surrounds him.

7. Six Feet Under: a drama series started in 2001; it gives audience and insight of a darkly comical look at the members of a dysfunctional family that runs and independent funeral home. A funny and grieving look at a grieving American family, it is a wonderful show which shows how people can deal with grieving instance in their life such as death, but it is also surprising as to how this show reflects the truth of life.

8.  The Wire: It is a TV show started in the year 2002, set in Baltimore, shows the actual reality of the drug scene. How the drug series and problem starts right from a young guy selling it and ends up in the hands of a highest level of city government official. Anyone who wants to know the actual world of drug selling, the Wire is a great series because as the show progresses, one would get the real and better understand of how each level of this drug activity works and shows that money if the fuel which burns up the system.

9. Death Note: A TV series of the year 2006, it tells the story of an intelligent high school going on a crusade to eliminate dangerous criminals existing in the world, with the help of this notebook which he finds. This notebook is capable of killing the person whose name is written on it. This television series is very enticing and hooking as the character of the protagonist in this show is really dark and bad, unlike the other usual protagonists.

10. Criminal Minds: Series started in 2005 on CBS, it follows a team of profilers from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) who set out to analyze some of the dangerous criminal who are a threat to their nation. They cleverly use their minds and anticipate their next moves in an attempt to prevent criminals striking again. This is one show different from the other criminal shows as it focuses of the criminal rather than on the crime.



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