Top 10 Things to do When You’re in France

France being one of those countries having the most number of visitors coming in every year, this country doesn’t seem to fall short of tourism spots or exciting adventures anytime of the year! There is a lot one can do in France, right from visiting the famous architectural spots, museums, beaches, and palaces to the great wine, savories and food France has to offer. It holds the oldest of Roman ruins and mountain ranges, coastlines, vineyards. These are just a sprinkling of the wonders France actually holds.


1. Visit the Versailles Palace: Louis XIV built the Palace at Versailles in the 17th century. Located 13 miles southwest of Paris, this spot has become a popular destination with tourists pouring in to admire this lavish palace, the beautiful gardens and the beautiful surrounding sights the palace has to offer. This palace proves the fact that no luxury or extravagance was spared whilst building this palace.

2. Ascend the Eiffel Tower: Known to be the most visited paid monument in the world, one can climb to its top and gaze at the infinite panorama and the spectacular view of Paris. It’s surrounding grass of Chams de mars have tourists lying on it and looking up at the spectacular light display of this 1000 feet constructed tower. At nights, this high beautifully built tower would steal your heart with its twinkling multicoloured lights, leaving you awestruck.

3. Climb the Bell Tower at Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris: A monumental gothic structure with two broad towers, arches and a striking gothic appearance to it, it is a impressive monument of the medieval period, which was started in 1163 and completed in 1330. One can climb the towers and get the wonderful view of Paris, and also the featured stone carving, the stone gargoyles and the statues preserved.

4. Experience Art at the Musee Du Louvre: The entrance of this museum itself is an art of work. One cannot stop staring at the glass pyramid constructed outside the museum.  Being the most visited museum in the world, it preserved the riches of the world’s most exquisite artistic legacy, right from Egyptian mummies to Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. This museum depicts and has managed to show the beauty of great human minds under one roof.

5. Visit the ancient stone village in Les Baux: This unique, spectacular village has been home to humans since 6000 B.C , and today it is one of the most visited spots of France. The small town is filled with olive groves and vineyards, all of which are overlooked by a valley of rocks and cliffs. The valley of the vineyards surrounded by the cliffs makes it an amazingly striking spot which shouldn’t be missed on a trip to France.

6. Rides at Disneyland Paris: A paradise for kids and an opportunity for adults to be kids again, Disneyland Paris is a full-featured vacation and enjoyment spots for both young and old. One can enjoy the Walt Disney studios, the gold courses, amazing rides, hotels, and the magic of Disneyland. Areas like Frontierland, Fantasyland and Adventureland is sure to make people laugh their head off and their hearts melt.

7. Shop the crowded markets of Isle sur la Sorgue: The largest flea market in France, marché aux puces, , situated at Isle sur la Sorgue, also known as the antiques capital of France. With stalls overflowing with fresh walnuts, this market becomes immensely powerful on Sundays and Thursdays. These markets sell a variety of antiques, household wares, knick-knacks and more. Shopping the market stalls along giant moss covered water wheels; it surely offers a lifetime experience!

8. Stroll along the Champagne Route: A picturesque view of tranquility, peace, pristine beauty, it gives us huge vineyards of sparkling wines. Its serene and beautiful surroundings are some of the highlights this vineyard provides other than just fizzy beverages. This Champagne Route meanders through small villages and champagne houses and is sprawled over 5 wine producing districts of France.

9. Skiing, Snowboarding and an awesome Hike in the French Alps: During the winter, with over 200 resorts on these snowcapped mountains, they provide an exciting opportunity for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the snowy winters and the fantastic view of Mount Blanc. During summers, people pour in to enjoy rafting, hiking, and canoeing, and thus the French Alps are no less than an adventure for tourists!

10. A small tour around the Carcassonne Medieval City: This medieval city is said to have two Carcassonness, one is the famous wall city, and the other is the town adjacent to its foot. The city’s narrow cobblestoned streets, small medieval restaurants and buildings make a stay very pleasant and something different than what we see around us in daily life. The evenings are much calmer and peaceful as the place os over crowded with tourists during the daytime. The place has a totally medieval and antique look to it making it an unique experience for all.



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