Top 10 Self Defense Techniques for Women

Self defense is a form of defending oneself and ones property from getting harmed. In today’s world with the crime rates in its zenith, women are the most vulnerable of all the living organisms on this planet. A recent statistical data have shown that a rape occurs every 46 seconds in one of the most developed country like America. 25% of the women populations all across the globe are sexually assaulted throughout the year. Most of the rapes committed all across the globe occur in the public area, but people still chose to remain indifferent. Hence, nothing can be done if people to chose remain indifferent; it is your life and your body which you have to take care of. Here, are the self defense techniques that can be adopted to save one self during combustible situations.


  • Domestic Violence If the woman is sexually or physically harassed by her husband or any other male member, the best self defense here would be to start throwing utensils and other show piece items at the man. Even if it does not hurt him, it might arouse the neighbors and they will come to the rescue. While living in a society, the neighbors are obviously aware of a thing that happen around, that is the domestic violence. So during that prime moment feel free to throw and break as many utensils and show items as possible, it is not that expensive in comparison to your life.
  • While boarding auto during night timeThe thumb rule while boarding an auto at night is immediately store the registration number of the vehicle. Following that, it is mandatory to call up a friend or a relative and inform them of the number in a language that the auto driver understands. This will instill fear inside his head, as he knows that if he is on the verge of committing a crime, he is being tracked by somebody.
  • Wrong Turn If you realize that the driver of the public vehicle you travelling in take a wrong turn, try choking him with the straps of your hand bag.  This will choke him and make him feel helpless. Make sure not to choke him too hard as it might kill him. In situations when you don’t have a hand bag with straps, pull the collar of his shirt from the back and press the top button of his shirt to his neck. This surely will serve the purpose.
  • Spray Nowadays, various forms of sprays like chili spray, pepper spray etc are available in the local market. These come quite handy and you can escape quickly by just spraying this on the person’s eyes. In situations when you don’t have those sprays, try spraying deodorant on the eyes, it also comes handy.
  • A grab from behindOne of the most combustible situations is when a woman is grabbed from behind. The only technique that works in a situation like this is to stomp from behind. It is said that a human foot contains about 26 bones and over hundreds of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Thus, while grabbed from the back, the attacker will grab hold of the hands, so the legs will come handy. As it is the only form of defense left. The impact is more if the victim is wearing heavy boots or heels, but only the heel region of the foot is to be used and with full force. It should be dug in with full force such that if not the bones, it causes serious injuries disabling the attacker.


  • Hitting at the groinThe most sensitive part of a man’s body is the groin region. Thus, if you feel you are being attacked, and if it is not of a very serious type, feel free to hit the groin region. Now if you are confused where exactly the region is located, it is below the lower abdomen. Even a light hitting can cause immense pain, but do not take risks, hit it hard. It is sure to make your escape easier.
  • Hitting the knee regionThe knee region is a very delicate region, a slight hit and it might make you a crippled. While the attacker is trying to assault you and constant strife is on, hit the knee region hard. A slight crack in the knee joint and the person will not be able to get up.
  • On the verge of being pinned downIf you are on the verge of being pinned down, use your hands to grab the attacker’s shoulders instead of struggling aimlessly. Lock your elbows firmly and push him down on the other side. Once he is pinned on the ground, use your feet to kick his stomach and try kicking his groin. This will make him motionless for quite some time. Try applying the other forms of defense techniques on the other men if attacked by a group.
  • Pinned down If you are pinned down, your hands are free to be moved as your shoulders are the attacker’s main target. Use your hand to scratch his face and then target the eyes. Use your thumbs to press the eyes with considerable amount of force as if on a mission to launch the eye balls out of the skull area.                                
  • ElbowsThis is by far the easiest method of self defense while travelling in a public transport. It might happen at times that men try to take the advantage of a situation especially in a crowded bus. The best way to avoid such ill-treatments is to use your elbows to shoo away the men. One can use safety-pins as well to poke the men if they try coming too close to the women.



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