Top 10 podcasts on ITunes

Born along with the invention of the i-pod , Podcasts are episodical audio or audiovideo files that can be downloaded.Revolutionising broadcasting , here are the top 10 broadcasts from the U.S and the U.K

1. This American life
This podcast has 700,000 people downloading it’s episodes on a regular basis. Every episode has a theme and covers a variety of stories under the particular theme.They mostly consis of first person and fiction stories that are ribtickling and surprising. Before becoming podcasts , this radio show was established in 1995 and has been entertaining us ever since

2. The infinite monkey cage
This show hosted by Brian Cox and Robin Ince is all about looking at the world through different eyes. Brian Cox is a scientist and phycist whereas Robin Ince is a comedian. Attempting to create a concoction of science and comedy , this podcast tops the list in the most downloaded in the UK.

3. NPR: Wait wait don’t tell me
This show is basically a quiz show to test your general awareness.Hosted by Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell , this show is a laugh as you try to figure out whats actual news and what has been made up .

4. BBC Radio4 Friday Night Comedy
Hosted by some of the best comedians U.K has to offer , this show is a satire on the weekly news and happenings.The “Now show” part is hosted by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis whereas “ The News Quiz” is hosted by Sandi Toksvig. this half an hour podcast ensures you bursting into peals of laughter

5. 99% invisible
This is a unique and unconventional show that revolves around architecture and design.It started as a project initiated by the KALW,American institute of Architects and Centre for Architecture and design. Hosted and produced by Roman Mars, this show unravels designs around the world and presents it in a very fashionable and creative manner

6. Best of Chris Moyles Show enhanced
This podcast takes the best bits from the show throughout the week.This show was on the top of the charts for the #1 breakfast show in the U.K.It starts off with a Broadway musical number followed by a general chat and a talk with celebrities.

7. Freakenomics
Started by Steven D levitt and Stephen J Dubner , this podcast is all about “
cheating teachers, bizarre baby names, self-dealing Realtors, and crack-selling mama’s boys.”
Basically it covers the most randomest of the topics entertaining every cell of your body.

8. Comedy of the week
This podcasts tickles your funny bone with a variety of comedians such as Lenny Henry , Mark Thomas and Tom Wrigglesworth

9. Desert Island discs with Kirtsy Young
A show with an innovative idea, The likeable Kirsty Young asks her guest to choose 8 tracks, a luxury and a book . if they were marooned on an island.

10.Stuff you missed in history class
This interesting and mind absorbing podcast hosted by Deblina and Sarah digs deep into your textbook history to reveal hidden facts and mysterious discoveries.




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