Top 10 Places to Visit in Turkey

turkeySome of the best top 10 places to visit in Turkey are discussed here. The great empire’s palaces, battlegrounds and castles that are in ruins now dot the landscape.

Turquoise waters feature the heavenly beaches here at Antalya. You have got a great destination for holidaying in Antalya filled with treasures of archaeology.

Nemrut Dagi
Nemrut Dagi is located in eastern Turkey. It is a burial place dating from the first century BC and in Turkey it is one of the most stunning monuments in history.

In Turkey one of the top places to visit is Bodrum considered the Ancient World’s one of the Seven Wonders. You just cannot miss this place where you can see the Castle of Saint Peter.

Kusadasi is located on the coast of Turkey. The beaches are pleasant and great nightlife is on offer giving this place a unique allure of its own.

Pamukkale is popular for its hot spring featuring calcium and limestone. It is in the Denizli Province that it is located. Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO it is well worth a visit.

Filled with numerous cultural attractions and many museums, Ankara is the capital of Turkey. When you visit this capital you have a lot to fill your days with for history buffs and culture vultures.

Lycian Coast
Of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas intersection the Lycian Coast is located in Turkey’s southwest region. This place is well known for its perfect climatic conditions, beaches and great countryside.

All along the Mediterranean region the ruins that are best preserved are seen in Ephesus, an ancient and historic city. This place dates back to the Roman and Greek times. Of the Ancient World one of the Seven Wonders is The Temple of Artemis located here never to be missed.

Europe’s best nightlife can be experienced at Istanbul a city most loved by all. The beautiful Bosphorus that surrounds it makes it more beautiful.

Cappadocia is popular for its amazing natural geological formations, especially the ‘fairy chimneys’. UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage site.

The Gordion Knot was slashed in Turkey by Alexander the Great, battles were fought by Ottoman Empire and in Homer’s Iliad the Trojans were battled by Achilles to shape the world. To the dawn of civilization the mementos and marvels here stretch back. All the top 10 places to visit in Turkey are great to see.



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