Top 10 Places to Visit in Switzerland

SwitzerlandSwitzerland is a haven for vacationers because of it’s so safe.   What with its mountain recreation centers, waterways, woodland, castles, museums, old and new style buildings, it has all the ingredients a traveller would ever want.  It is undoubtedly the best place, be it for a short sojourn or a long sabbatical.  Explore these top 10 places to visit in Switzerland destinations during your spare time.

The Jungfrau Region presents magnificent vistas of three gigantic peaks, the Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger.  The verdant vales and pastures below are soothing to the eye.

Chillon Castle in Montreuxcan be located by rambling on the banks of Lake Geneva or by a train or trolley bus.  Go around the interiors of this eleventh century castle.  It also houses armaments, murals and woodwork.

Take a trip to Basel,Switzerland’s to witness the Fasnacht Spring festival.  It is an internationally acclaimed, three-day celebration.  The city comes alive with cafes and taverns working through the night whilst confetti, confectionery and flowers are hurled at the crowd.

Spanning 169 square kilometres of mountainous forests, the Swiss National Park is replete with red deer, chamois, ibexes and marmots.

Situated on the banks of the captivating Lake Geneva, Geneva is the third largest city in this state.  You have to crane your neck to see the high fountain here.

The Matterhorn in Zermatt is 4,478 meters in height.  Mountaineers congregate this town to tame this supposedly difficult mountain peak.  For the non-skiers, there is entertainment in the form of nightlife and the best eateries.

St.Moritz is the recreational center for the rich and famous and a center for summer and winter games.  It also offers mud and mineral baths and mud treatments.

This mountain peak offers an awesome panorama of the Swiss Alps.  Mt. Pilatus is close to the coastal city of Lucerne and stands 2120 meters tall.  You can reach the summit by a cable car and gape at the magnificent spectacle.

What was once an ancient city, St.Gallen which was established by an Irish monk in 612 A.D. has progressed into Switzerland’s seventh largest city!  There are a lot of old monuments dotting this city.

It is Europe’s largest waterfalls and a natural marvel. On Swiss National Day, the Rhine Falls is the centre of attraction, because of spectacular demonstrations of fireworks and people from far and wide throng to witness this.

The above top 10 places to visit in Switzerland are the best, and the most diverse in nature.



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